She loved.

She was replete with antonyms that would juxtapose most beautifully. Rivers flowing in opposite directions. Patience, impatience, sanity, insanity; they all ran about her being without colliding.

Sometimes, at night, when the full moon would pour its milk down a loner’s window, she would count stars and pray for him. She was free-spirited. She still is. It’s just that, well, you don’t see her dancing in the forest or laughing in crowds anymore. You don’t see her red scarf silk its way through the street. You don’t see her at all.

A bird was shot in its left wing. A butterfly was chased away. A little girl was hurt in the playground. Bereft illustrations painted across the canvas of one’s mind. She was them all. And then she was none.

I often look for her these days. They say she died in some carnival. You can hear her laughter on the merry-go-round. You can see her ghost in mirrors.

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  1. Muhammad Adeel said:

    Deep thoughts Mehreen. The context is very thought provoking and provides food for thought. The web of life is depicted in a fairly nice manner within you. The analogies of grief are poetic and the metaphors are deep. Very often, the canvas of life is replete with incidences of loneliness and grief. Some pull through, while for others, the wounds run deep. Sometimes people, like eagles have to rise above the scene and attain their crescendo.
    Nice effort none the less, keep up your work. looking forward to more.

    • Mehreen Ali Kasana said:

      Thank you, Muhammad Adeel. Your feedback always helps me to improve my work.

  2. Em said:

    I likes :)

    • Mehreen Ali Kasana said:
  3. Anonymous said:

    Talk to father time, he will have a cure for your pain. :)

    • Mehreen Ali Kasana said:

      I’m already on my way, bud.

  4. Ali said:

    Haye Allah, the picture is amazing, the words make it even better.

    • Mehreen Ali Kasana said:

      Thank you, Ali.

    • Mehreen Ali Kasana said:

      Thank you, Ubaid. I’m glad you do. :)

  5. Bree Ahmed said:

    I’ve never read something so simple and yet so deep. = ) Honestly, I’m MORE than just impressed. BUT then again, I know these aren’t just fictious thoughts or you trying to tell people how many words you know… This is about ‘you’.

    And knowing that my dear friend… made me sad. = [


    • Mehreen Ali Kasana said:

      Don’t be sad. I can cure myself as well. -hugs tight-

  6. Ally said:

    *reads in an absolute feeling of awe* your posts are so perfect.

    • Mehreen Ali Kasana said:

      You are generous. Thank you. :)

  7. ali said:

    I’m very significantly impressed. Blown away actually. The last paragraph was particularly breathtaking.


    • Mehreen Ali Kasana said:

      Coming from you, I am flattered. Thank you so very much.

  8. a-m-a-z-i-ng!
    Your Dreams category posts are always just A-mazing!

    • Mehreen Ali Kasana said:

      They’re only my dreams. Thank you, Uncarved. :)

    • Mehreen Ali Kasana said:

      Delirious, maybe.

  9. Screamer said:

    Heartbreaking, for reasons that are too personal and sad. Maar daala!

    • Mehreen Ali Kasana said:

      She’ll come back to life.

    • Mehreen Ali Kasana said:

      That’s how she is.

  10. shine87 said:

    I’d love to buy your book when it comes out(It’s just a question of when) and gift it to friends and family!

    • Mehreen Ali Kasana said:

      I’ll make sure I tell you. :)

  11. Abbas said:

    u know what orwell said, if u need to say something spit it out and ya what you’ve written a beautifully poetic piece xD

    • Mehreen Ali Kasana said:

      Thank you. :)

      • Mehreen Ali Kasana said:


  12. The Me said:

    I love how it leaves an impact on you after you’re done reading it. = ]

    • Mehreen Ali Kasana said:

      Some people, some words are like that.

  13. Ali said:

    ‘Some people, some words are like that.’

    Kasana-chan, that hit me really hard some where above the belt.

    • Mehreen Ali Kasana said:

      Ah, my apologies? :)

      • Ali said:

        Regen rune takes time to heal, but don’t forget it has a expiration time as well. :)) And na.. sometimes are worth remembering even if they make you cringe deep down. cheers and hf.

      • Ali said:

        i mean somethings cannot edit.. .!!!

  14. A bird was shot in its left wing. A butterfly was chased away. A little girl was hurt in the playground. Bereft illustrations painted across the canvas of one’s mind. She was them all. And then she was none.

    I often come to your blog, but dunno, i don’t comment on yours.
    I know that you know how good you write
    every writer does….! so just no need :)

    she was them all. yes she can find herself associated with them but she is stronger than them, she knows surviving..!

    she can gulp down the apple and move on, not just die or lie to wait for the never coming kiss…..!
    she knows helping herself out…..!
    she gets pricked but her sleep has to be short, really really short. she knows and should know regeneration.

    • Mehreen Ali Kasana said:

      Haha, allow me to correct you on the no-comment remark. I’d be very happy if you gave your feedback. Even if you think I think I write good. Your words are cherished. :)

      And regeneration’s on its way. It takes time though.

      • Why the left wing though. Do you have an issue with Left-handed people?

      • yeah, koi bhi masla ho uss se come-over krne mai time lgta he,
        but when that time is gone, everything would go quite smooth.

  15. Ian said:

    Who doesn’t have an issue with left-handed people?
    You’re doing great, Mehreen, as far as words are concerned, and that’s a very good start in every aspect.

    • Mehreen Ali Kasana said:

      I’m trying, Ian. I’m just trying.

    • Mehreen Kasana said:

      Thank you!

  16. Saint_ said:

    You’re a marvellous writer, Mehreen. =)

    • Mehreen Kasana said:

      Thank you, Saint. :)

  17. Saint_ said:

    Though this lad has no saintly qualities.

  18. Absar said:

    Hmm. Sounds like she got married.. :P

    Heheh, jokes aside, brilliat piece of writing, in all honesty! Just. Brilliant! It reallly makes you want to get to know her!

    • Mehreen Kasana said:

      That ‘her’ you speak of is the author of this very blog.

      • Absar said:

        Well that was inferential :)

  19. Anam said:

    I have read it 5 times and i still can’t get enough of it. It’s simply beautiful.
    And in a strange feminine way, i can relate myself to it.

    • Mehreen Kasana said:

      Some stories are like that. :)

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