The Teddy Truth.

In order to lighten up the funereal atmosphere that I had shamelessly created, allow me to introduce one very special friend of mine: Mr. Snuggums.

Mr. Snuggums likes to listen to doom metal and instrumentals with me. He prefers Frosties over Lucky Charms and absolutely hates Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and other pop entities. Like the author of this blog, Mr. Snuggums prefers to spend his time reading, writing, studying, traveling and/or listening to music. When faced with stress and a demanding schedule, Mr. Snuggums indulges in extensive meditation.

Quite the candid speaker, Mr. Snuggums openly supports gay rights, nudist communities and free alcohol. He is currently head-banging to Pantera as the author types this post. Mr. Snuggums has been a friend for quite some time. We both love Fight Club, American Psycho, The Shining, American History X and Donnie Darco.

Mr. Snuggums is currently single. “I’d love to spend my cotton-comprising existence with someone special”, he told Time Magazine while enjoying a luxurious oil massage at a posh spa center in Lahore. Miss. Kasana was witnessed sitting in the corner quietly; her disposition resembling that of a slave.

"It's tough being this famous", a rather irritated Mr. Snuggums spoke as photographers clicked away.

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41 thoughts on “The Teddy Truth.

  1. Fishness.

    I <3 this post. I have Mr.Hubbles and Mr.Cuddles. They're both awesome and i love love them. Mr Hubbles likes to have oreo shake. And Mr.Cuddles fought in the world war 2. :D I like Mr.Snuggums.

    1. Mehreen Kasana Post author

      I’m only trying, Marina. And I think I’m doing well. :]

      I don’t mind the ‘stupidly happy’ smile. Lol.

  2. Logan

    I think I saw Mr. Snuggums outside my window the night before my cat was murdered. I am currently debating wether or not to be scared. Halp me.


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