I’m not dead, ffs

My humor is, like, really ace.

For those who have been speculating that I have expired, I would like to hop out of my dorm-grave and prove them wrong. I am not dead and no, I have not tied the knot (yet). In fact I have other important things to do. For instance: Passing my final exams, winning the parliamentary debate championship, coming up with new ideas for my editor and composing several reviews on some very impressive reads. For near and dear ones: It’s great news that I aced the debating competition and won the Best Speaker Parliamentary Debate Championship trophy. My yapping skills paid off. And the trophy is like, propa big-ass.

Also, the heat in Lahore is terrible. And I made the horrendous mistake of drinking gallons and gallons of cold chocolate milk, thinking this is going to “cool me down” but nooo, it got worse. Nosebleeds followed with massive headaches and cranky mood swings. So the next time your girlfriend tries cajoling you into making chocolate milk for her, you better tell the bitch to calm down and make YOU a sandwich. (Passionate advocate of female-lead anti-feminism acts, I am.)

I haven’t been updating the blog for quite a while maybe because I’m out of ideas to write about. There are many things I would like to jot down and rant about but, then, most of my readers have done their fair share of research on them. For instance, writing about the post-traumatic stress journalists suffer while reporting in war-torn countries. Or about the shooting of a young teenage homosexual at school. As a student of mass communication and journalism, I have often found myself explaining the intimidating challenges most journalists suffer. It isn’t an easy job. Even small-scale event coverage by internees like yours truly can be tough. Punctuality, precision and a strong flow of creativity is constantly required. If you’re out of ideas, you’re out of the game.

I will be reviewing a few books that I have had the chance of reading these days. Expect to go through a review on Bapsi Sidhwa’s “The Crow Eaters”, scandals noted by Capitol Hill and some very, very disturbing chapters on existing cults. (Psychos, I tell you. Propa psychos).

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33 thoughts on “I’m not dead, ffs

  1. Ally

    Good luck with every thing =) *thumbs up!* You deserve every trophy ;) And stay indoors when it is beeping hot out there!! Be caeful young lady. Love,
    Ally =p

    1. Mehreen Kasana Post author

      I’m trying to stay indoors. I’ve got this ace tan. Makes me look ace African. I like it when people think my name’s Laqueesha. Hope you’re doing well too, gorgeous.

  2. BoogieMonsterMan

    Aray waaaaaah!
    This is AWESOME! Congratulations man :)
    You deserve it!

    You have brilliant writing skills and your critical analysis is pretty darn good too! So ye, you truly deserve it.

    You inspire me :)

    1. Mehreen Kasana Post author

      Thank you for your very kind comments. They help me move forward. I do need to improve a whole lot before I even think of writing professionally. How on Earth do I inspire you! I’m flattered.

  3. Abbas

    Sounds like a propa WaRgh!
    I always pitied journalists for having to blender (what ever the verb for butting grey matter in blender is) their brains for creative juices. SAD. And WE NEED “CROW EATERS” read. Propa interesting shit it be.
    Enjoy whatever it is u do person whose blog i awmie stalk

    1. Mehreen Kasana Post author

      It’s fun, not sad, bolt. Crow Eaters’ review soon. Thank you for the comment, Abbas. :)

  4. k-ay

    You’re an internee too :O
    same Pinch :P
    Tell me you’re not paid either!

    And yapping skills always pay off =D

  5. Mehreen

    Wow… you made us proud :) Great to hear you’ve got so much up on your sleeves. Being busy always makes me happy, and you’re acing it all. Congrats again :)

  6. MagicalMe

    Hey. Long time since I commented. =]. Hope you’ve been well.
    Congratulations on the well-deserved trophy! =D The yappin’ writing skills paid off. =)
    You’ve now become a sort of role model to me, and one day I hope to be able to write like you. :D
    *thumbs up* =D

    1. Mehreen Kasana Post author

      Yeah, the skills paid off. Glad to see you here after quite a while. :)

      I’m actually flattered to know I’ve become something like a role model to you. I hope you find the best in me useful for you. God bless.

  7. battealiebsix

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  8. Somak

    Well this is finally a break from your last two posts which were quite serious. This is the first time I’ve come across your blog and its very impressive. Its wonderful to see how the youth of Pakistan are reacting to the various events happening there. Here in India, we often get a very biased picture.
    Its funny, but its interesting to see that it is mostly students of Mass Communication who raise these issues. Maybe I’m wrong. And yes,I’m a student of Mass Communication too, and I’ll have to intern from this year. Tell me, what is the experience like?

  9. Fahad


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  10. battealiebsix

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  11. Lawrence Sare

    I like this article a lot. I’ll certainly be back. Hope that I can go through more helpful posts then. Is going to be sharing your knowledge with all of my associates!


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