My good friend and the ever-famous Y U NO man is here and we both had a long discussion last night on regional politics, IR and how Wikileaks is changing the world drastically. What compelled me to argue with Y U NO man was his pessimism regarding the local scene of politicians: He says he doesn’t care about the world if his very own home is on fire. Furthermore he told me how the citizens of Pakistan disappoint him on a daily basis. I agreed with him on some points. Here he is, beseeching y’all.

And then Y U NO man looked at me and asked two questions posed for the average Pakistani male and female citizen.


And the Hiterlesque Y U NO man spoke as well.

Annnnd this is the average Kasana-hater:

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38 thoughts on “Y U NO UNDERSTAND?!

    1. Shane Hussain Naqvi

      a humble question : why are only BOYS supposed to get off their rears and bring change to the country while girls only have to focus on slapping patriarchy?? hmm ?

  1. TLW

    I lol’ed.

    Kasana – u can haz my cheezburger anyday.

    Y U No Understand man, forgot to ask Kayani and uncle Zardari for somethings.

    And he had no idea about Julian…..Sad.

    What does Uncle Y U No Understand have to say about the army and intelligence services?

    Mehreen, this was hilarious. Your persistent love for Wikileaks (cough *Elf Hackers*) has made me decide I too must support PkLeaks and join the twitterverse. Watch that space in 24 hours.

  2. karachikhatmal

    iss saal, sadr asif ali zardari ne blaagging mein tamgha-e-juraat mehreen kasana ko dene ka faisla kiya hai, basharteh woh sadr sahib say ek private meeting kernay ko raazi hoo.

    Y U NO MAN ko nishan-e-haider zena ka ilaan rok diya gaya jab sadr sahab ko batay agaya ke Y U NO MAN ek gif image hain.

  3. You Are Evil, You Are Soulless

    You missed Nawaz Takla and you missed Altaf Bhai not — so venomous of you, feel like injecting acid into your veins, may you die soon, j/k. Who knows I’d be just kidding, going to loathe you evermore.

  4. MuslimFirst

    Wah! Kya baath hai Kasana-ji. Boht boht hansi aaya mujko yeh “Y U no” aadmiyon dekhne mein! Shabash meri bachi! :-P

    Altaf-ji Mey Karachi zaroor aana wala hoon – khala aur baji ko milne ke liye insha’allah! :-)

  5. Ali

    I feel so shitty for being the first person to have not liked it that much! (i did not lol or anything).
    Though i appreciate the work that went into it!
    Maybe its just me and the fact that i haven’t gotten a job yet which is making me frown at your recent posts.
    Also, I tried to include a random funny fact at the end of my comment but even that is not working. Should i be worried? Do you know anyone who can help me?

    1. WhoCares?

      Susy, you are very ‘naughty’. Trying to get a link ehh? But too bad now your website is down. ;)

      and to answer your question, yes, she designed wordpress.com herself, not just this page.

  6. cinemapakistan

    i ran across this when searching for my own pakistani yUno guy things. Mine weren’t bad…until they got DELETED by frickin flickr.


    but great blog though seriously,
    we’ll be regulars.


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