The Shining: One of my favourites.

Jack's axe and Wendy's OMGWTFNOOO look.
Jack’s axe and Wendy’s OMGWTFNOOO look.
Delbert Grady's twins. He slaughtered them later on.
Delbert Grady’s twins. He slaughtered them later on.

Wendy, darling, light of my life, I’m not gonna hurt ya. You didn’t let me finish my last sentence. I said, I’m not gonna hurt ya, I’m just gonna bash your brains in. Gonna bash them right fuckin’ in.  – Jack in The Shining.


55 thoughts on “The Shining: One of my favourites.

  1. As I always say, Kubrick’s God.

    What you may or may not have seen in The Shining.

    The last scene where the viewer “shines” the decades old photo onto the wall is the greatest easter egg ever plotted in the history of cinema.

    The God of film directors gave his own taste to each genre. When he had to do comedy, Strangelove redefined black humor. When he had to do science fiction, 2001: ASO redefined epic movie-making. When he had to do horror, The Shining redefined atmospheric horror with multi-faceted plot. Compare that to the shithead Tarantino, who pays “tributes” to particular genres by stacking crappy amalgamations of their clichéd aspects.

  2. Nice movie – loved it when she looks at the typed pages and its ‘all work and no play…’ awl over em :D
    And well…that pic at the end was one fine twist to set in all the puzzles.

  3. i still don’t get that scene with the guy dressed up in the monkey suit…
    khair it was an average movie.. but thats just me.

  4. @Ali:
    Yeah, that’s just you, Ali. The movie was one classic thriller. And the ‘guy dressed up in the monkey suit’ with Grady, most probably, was meant to leave a sick message. You still didn’t get it.

    Come again?

    Zarur dekhna. Kubrick ke classics mai ata hai.

  5. The monkey suit scene is actually Overlook’s owner Horace “Harry” Derwent receiving a head from his lover, Roger. Derwent hadn’t been very keen on the relationship anymore — as opposed to Roger — so he kept humiliating him in a number of ways; one of which was the bare-bottom dog suit.

    The Shining is not only a Kubrickian classic, it is — like all movies Stanley made after Paths of Glory — an all-time classic in the history of Cinema. The direction is sublime, cinematography is perfect, the way he toyed with Stephen King is genius and the way he explained the plot is an epitome of visual art.

  6. @Lonely:
    Sounds great. Where do we go now?

    Try explaining ‘commercial’ first.

  7. nyway i see an argument building up here. you like that movie, i dont. neither of us is interested in knowing why the other person thinks what he/she does about the movie. so, let’s drop this.

  8. Mehreen. Stop hitting on random people and asking them out. Or responding to their asking you out. Please, beta. It is not safe.

    As for YOU, Lonely-Boy… *cracks knuckles*

  9. Maryam protects me. Woooosha!

    I know what’s right. Let’s go out on a date. Pay for lunch and I won’t cuss at you.

  10. You see, our date will be different in a certain way; Maryam will follow us around. And if you try anything, she will hurt you. Badly.

    I’m not lying. Do not underestimate the power of two feet and three inches.

  11. Yeah, just like you think my best friend’s blog is ‘soothing’. Pfft. LOL. Soothing. LOL.

  12. … Jesus. You’d do anything.

    Anyway. No, you can’t call me Kas. It’s downright vulgar.

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