Two videos that kick butt. :D

This is some very peaceful Japanese music. :]

Osaka-chan and the weird neko that talks in Engrish. It can’t get funnier than this. XD


113 thoughts on “Two videos that kick butt. :D

  1. See Ali. Mehreen managed to convince me to watch Daioh with this video. You didn’t even spell the name right. Shame on you.

    And Thank You for the theme change, it’ll do well to keep the vampires away.

  2. I haven’t my self seen the series, a friend recommended me, but i wanted another opinion. And yes shame on me. Poison please?

  3. Awww, it won’t. I already have a new flick lined up for our club’s opening ceremony (which will be when Ali finishes watching MG)

    and waddahell? Since when did “tareefing new theme” mean “burai-ing old theme”

  4. I don’t know. You mentioned vampires. Usually: Vampires = -ve remark-deserving creatures. Bananas are delicious. >_<

    I will be president of the club. Sorry but I'm having it my way.

  5. Whoa whoa whoa, hold it right there. Who said we’re TMoHS characters? I AM THE PRESIDENT, OKAY? LOOK AT MY NINJA GRAVATAR ON THE RIGHT. I KICK BUTT. I MAKE DECISIONS.

    I’ve always wanted to be Teresa from Claymore. ^_~

  6. Claymore was just a way of fulfilling the male fetish of seeing short-skirt clad chicks battle with huge ass swords. I say SOS-DAN (and you get to be omnipotent, ain’t that cool?)

  7. They wore steel armor, Imo. -_-

    … hmm. Maybe. Haruhi-san, it is then. Or maybe Motoko-chan from Love Hina. The only good thing about LH. Which reminds me: What are you having for iftaari?

  8. Even so, It seemed more like an attempt at borderline softcore than an actual anime.

    Okaasan’s sick, So I’m going hunting for food in a bit.

    If there’s any Motoko worthy of being mimicked it’s Kusanagi.

    If I don’t get to be Kyon, or Nagato, can I be Ryuk? I likes apples as much as bananas.

  9. Softcore? Darimemas. Baka. -_-

    Otohimi bhi thi koi. I remember. Hmm.

    Hope she gets better soon. I’m going out in a bit to buy cake and junk food for my seebleeng.

    Ryuk? “Juiceh”. Ryuk, it is then. ^_^

  10. No, sorry, I changed my mind. I’ve always been told I’m Diclonius Lucy. So I’ll stick to her. Well, wait, I’m a combo of quite a few characters. But, yeah, I’m Lucy. Nyu, when happy.


    And I promise I will keep my vectors in control.

  11. Choti si series thi. 13 or 14 episodes shayad. Buss. Dubara dekhne ki waise bhi tuk nahi thi.

    I’ll go later. Later-oo. ^_^

  12. IT was hentai…!!! bus i never watched it, cause my room mate would always drool over Lucy/Nyu. And since everyone gets to choose. I want to be Zaraki or perhaps Harima from School Rumble. Yes i have weird taste.

  13. NICe soul music
    thanku for posting it… NOW i gurren this blog before shinigamifying it with my DEathgodnessss…. ohya….where was I…stalking Bake xP
    Elfin Lied…..Hentai??? DUH DUH DUH

  14. Ali, why is that your blog is invisible to my pretty eyes? *_*

    The ninjette picture kicks butt. Can’t you see how my yellow scarf does justice to the universe and beyond? How are your children?

    -_- EL was not hentai.

    Duckling. Aap bhi na. -_-

  15. Because, It is not meant for your pretty eyes, there is too much gore in there for someone as pure as u are. (No pun intended)

    Btw, did i mention i totally love Teresa and to some extent Claire.

    Children? huh where…

  16. T_T You did not just say that. I swear I hope you did not say that. Gory? Too much gore for my pretty eyes? I WATCHED CHILD’S PLAY WHEN I WAS A KINDERGARTNER AND FOR ME IT WAS FUN. I GREW UP WITH GORY FLICKS. LET ME SEE. DX

    Buss, ab Ali se meri dosti nahi. Yeh tree house mai sirf us waqt aye ga jab mein nahi houn gi aur vice versa.

    Teresa was awesome. Clare was 133t, too. “Kurare”, they used to pronounce it.

  17. Shingami-kun fails to make sense… And I resent you calling yourself Kamina-Sama.

    Mehreen, I guess Ali’s one of those people who pretend they have a blog by making a blank one and keeping it private. And we stupidly assume that his blog’s controversial so we beg him to let us read it as well, as we want to be one of the “in” crowd

    And I agree. Treehouse mein akela bethey (akela as in alone, not one banana)

  18. Man was a banana a long time ago. You know that. Stop denying the truth. :O

    Ali, come on man, show us your blog. Seriously. We’ve been showing you ours, so now show us yours. (This sounds so perverse.)

    Our club’s name is: TriOtaku. Or something.

  19. Bechara Darwin. Purri theory ko kachre mein daal diya. So tell me Ms. Kasana, what’s the missing link between Man and Banana?

    Ali needs to make a blog to show us na. He trolls on other people’s blogs.

    Ali beta, sach bata do, we won’t judge…. probably.

  20. Missing link: Sundae.

    How could you lie to us, Ali? Man, this is so much fun. We’re fighting and disbanding already. I love disharmony and chaos. XD


  21. The Chronicles of Een and Ally? Ally did something baaaaaad and got us in trouble. Or something. Well, I’m lying. I like to put the blame on her. I don’t know what happened. It froze or something. But we’re planning to make another joint-blog again. It’ll be silly like always.

  22. Ruk jao, Anarkali! Hukam hai humara! Yeh pyar koi khail nahi jo tum is tarha apne ghungroun ke chan chan mai daal ke hum se duur honay ki khoshish karti ho! >_<

    Mohabbat hai humai tum se! Kiun nahi samajhti tum!

    -Mughal e Azam music-

  23. (Ali, you can be the bad-ass king who doesn’t let the prince love the naukarani. I’m the prince. Don’t ask why.)

  24. You two are too chatty. No i am not faking it, i have been writing on and off since Oct 2007, but its a diary blog. And don’t kick me out of the club. *whimpers*

  25. So it’s private? Hmm. I guess Ryuk and I will respect that. Right, Ryuk?

    -turns around, only to find Ryuk eating apples-


  26. *whimpers and than roars* will u chaps PLEASE KILL THAT RYUK okkuu ichatsuku mai rei X= , only I think I should be the only shinigami to rot around the realms of insane ppls…. NO?
    Bakemono kun sama chan ……….. Kamina kun is what I call my meiyuu….and they call me Kamina in return. It has something to do with my Odama Rasengan handshake X)
    Oh Chaos ruleth \m/ let everything slid into madneSS XD

  27. A lot:

    a] Imo is Ryuk. And he made terrible Japanese pizza for aunty. -_-
    b] I am president of our secret society in the tree house.
    c] K-sama aka Kamina-sama is being funny.
    d] I updated my blog.

  28. Excuse me but for your information: I’m making pasta, tomato sauce and garlic bread. So don’t you give me that look, mister. Ab buss mein ne Ali ko invite karna hai. -_-

    I bought this marshmallow that’s one foot long. I swear I’m not lying.

  29. That one, yeah. I took pictures of it. Fascinating. O_O

    Na. Little sister said she’s rather die. She already had potato sticks. I’m going to make something Italian for her.

    -throws hair back and ties apron around-


  30. Shinai! Death is a singularity U know….. Kasana is so Kewl,she got her kimonos but my wooden katana didn’t get past japanese airport security,khasau!, B-sama i’ll explains bout Ryuk somedays when I dead (which I am), and ELSE…SHINAI! xD God! I love bloody murder…
    must finish uni application…must…must…no…gurren…LAG……XP

    1. 86.


      Whoever posts the hundreth comment will be president of our secret club and, *drum roll*, I will make a chibi-drawing of him or her, if it’s me. ^_^


      GET SET.


  31. Heaven!
    Hum ko malum hai janat ki haqiqat lakin
    Dil k khush rakney ko yeh khayal acha hai Ghalib

    The thing you don’t need is dear at any price.

    “Now you need only 15 nonsensical things to say”

  32. WTF. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO.

    I WAS GONNA WIN! >_<

    Damn it.

    I kinda remember Imo-san from Orkut. But he had this sketch of himself. And I .. Well .. I will .. make … chibi.

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