Remembrance by Balmorhea.

You know what is beautiful?

This is beautiful.


41 thoughts on “Remembrance by Balmorhea.

    1. I could always edit your name and put in your real website link but then that just ruins the entire charm of you being nice to someone you never are. Or whatever.

  1. That song is awesome. Shawty burnin’ fire on the dance floor, shawty is cool like fire. That’s like the most genuine metaphor i’ve heard in a while. And anonymity has been kinda annoying to me, too, lately. And i have been always nice, come on.

    1. Anonymity is for wusses. And no, you’re not nice. So yeah. Holy hells. No profile picture on Facebook. I’m so cool. -.-

  2. Amen to the wusses part. But it was an experiment. Details you’ll read. And hey give the man some credit. Its a professional obligation thing, for snake charming is both a difficult and dangerous thing to do. All those fangs and venom, ouch. One can’t be nice all the time. Don’t get the facebook part? What was that?

  3. It’s a nice track. I like the way it rises then collapses again. But my definition of beautiful has to be Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah.

    1. You did? Balmorhea is one beautiful band, really. You should listen to Barefoot Pilgrims. You’ll like it. And thank you so much for stopping by. :]

    1. Sigh. What do I do to you. Fucking hate it when you’re anonymous. God damned wuss.

      And that was the lamest, lamest, lamest trip ever.

  4. I have no idea what are you talking about.

    And please before calling my post lame, please take a look at your custom header. That chick out of Sin City is lamest lamest lamest cartoon ever.

    1. Want me to spell your email address out for you? Why on Earth do you have to be anonymous?

      Oh my God. You’re so stupid. That’s not the chick from Sin City. What the hell? That’s the punk/grunge version of Minnie Mouse. Dumbass.

  5. Oh so that’s how you figured out how i was with my email. Otherwise my disguise was impeccable.
    Damn wordpress it says Email will not be published. And please punk/grunge versions of Minnie Mouse, that’s still lame.

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