She is bitter.

Her sleep is marred by intervals that consist of lying awake in pitch black darkness and howling silence. The blanket is warm but her heart isn’t. In this state of half-consciousness, she simply asks entities, God, people who witnessed her agony, her friends, and him, she asks, “Why?”

And then she falls asleep.

She is swimming through a lake, thinking of the Catastrophe Theory. The theory by mathematicians, stating that anything and everything can collapse without reason. She pushes forward through the warm water and reaches the bank. Some mathematician must be very happy, she thinks, since his theory took practical form in my life.

She wakes up.

If there’s a Catastrophe Theory then there’s a Resurrection Theory, I tell her. She won’t listen. She won’t listen for now. I don’t blame her.


30 thoughts on “Verletzung

  1. Yet now is not the time to listen
    As I’m sure you’re aware
    The wounds are fresh
    Still unlicked
    The scabs have not yet formed
    she’ll be back I know
    eyes aflame and silken hair
    blown back in the gale of her presence
    You have been warned.

  2. Ali is wrong. You have reached the dead-end at 21. Its down-hill. Its bleak. Its bitter.. *chuckle*

    Come gimme a hug. I see me in you. Me is known to be a happy happy person. You are doomed to be happy, DQ!

  3. I am loving the comments….!

    moreover, yeah its diffi at start, but she would realize,
    time is not a healer, but you get used to things…!
    she can surely surface, and her lungs will intake as much of air as possible….!

    she,ll breath the usual way , don’t you worry..!

  4. Considering you’re surrounded by insanely happy-happy people like Screamer and me, it’s bound to rub off on you eventually.

    Also, “She” is very dheet. So keep at it, one day you’re bound to surprise us all.
    *reassuring smiley*

  5. Well, and after posts like these you’re telling me not to complain? I find that a bit unfair, my dear lady. Keep it up though, through these you’ll find another shore where I’m sure new hopes rise every morning.

    1. That’s what I’m aiming for when I write these posts. It’s a process, you see. You’re clever, you’ll know.

  6. I said it before, and I’m saying it again. You, lady, have got talent.

    There’s this certain… depth in your writing. I dunno how to explain it, but your posts have something that makes the reader want to read on.

    Summary: Awesome post. =)

  7. In the light of given evidence, i.e. the new display picture, i doubt if you have been losing any beauty sleep.

    And one more post with title in German, i will never come here again.
    Gute Nacht.

  8. Last few posts portray an immovable Mehreen; but there is something unusual in this immovability that can move a person, no matter who, whichever person. :)

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