Iqbal, tere sheher mai.

My optimism regarding my homeland breathed its last on August 15, 2010.

This brutal killing in Iqbal’s city can only be described in Iqbal’s words:

Marnay walay martay hain lekin fanah hotay nahi;

Yeh haqeeqat mai kabhi hum say judah hotay nahi.

Marnay walon ki jabeen roshan hai is zulmaat mai;

Jis tarha taaray chamaktay hain andheri raat mai.


65 thoughts on “Iqbal, tere sheher mai.

  1. i think this situation has left all of us battling with ourselves in quicksand. We don’t know who or what to believe anymore, seeing as to what we did believe in didn’t really last us long. But we’re rooted, in our Pakistani-ism,and our Pakistan, with not much left to go on with. There are limits, you know. And I’m pretty sure we weren’t told what to do when those limits were crossed, in this case, a long while ago.
    Yes there is hope, but sometimes, it’s just not enough.

  2. You have examples of such a lack of empathy in so many other societies. I’m not saying this to lessen the importance of its happening in Pakistan, but to underline the fact that you questions are even more so relevant; they apply to every place where the State can’t protect or even harm its citizen, where the citizen can’t do anything without reliance on the State, and where hope seems to be something lost, or found only in the most impersonal and passive form of thought.
    As always, knowing brings understanding, understanding brings pain, pain brings helplessness, and from there is born what you can carry and use: will, determination, purpose, a project and a reason built not on a utopia, but on the teachings of a broken past. Knowing your pain and its implications is what makes you relevant. Surrounding to it can only waste it all.

  3. Agree with your views completely. First time I feel guilty of this incident personally as a Pakistani. Never seen in my life killing even animals in such a way. DPO says I am CSS officer no one can suspend me, such a cursed person he is.

    Hadisay se bara saniha ye hua
    Log tehray ni hadisa dekh kar

    CJ’s comments are worth mentioning for the dumb, deaf and senseless nation.

    “Not only it was the duty of police to stop those who were beating the two brothers, but the people in the mob should also have shown moral courage by preventing the beating,” the chief justice said.

    One thing is for sure that as a nation we can’t digest Democracy neither we are deserving for any freedom. Dictatorship is the best form of government to control the ignorant masses.

  4. *sigh* This nation’s savagery doesn’t know an end. And now we know its not only “them” its perhaps everyone all around us. Proud to be Pakistani? Maybe in another time, with a nation of people with different values. My heart bleeds for the families of those two kids..

  5. I was left speechless when I heard what happened. I saw a glimpse of the video and couldn’t see any more. This is beyond what I could ever have imagined in my worst nightmare. How could they do that to two children? And more importantly, how come no bloody one fucking helped? We’re amazing, we are.

  6. You see, theres a bigger picture to it. I wish it was just one thing/issue/reason, solely responsible for this. Its more like a cybernetic loop with things intricately connected in a circular and casual chain. Its not just lawlessness or peoples mistrust towards law and order and state authority.

    Do you realise that such incidents are deeply connected to issues like Feudalism perhaps or nepotism. A scoiety or a civilisation is an does not develop in a vacuum. Its run by an interplay of different instruments which need to be synchronised, one off sync instrument can cause chaos.

    It is a completely failed and hopeless society. A society where 4 yeard old girls are raped and boys are brutally lynched and we are talking about launching 3g technology. We are gradually devolving into something very dangerous, beyond barbaric.

    1. I agree with you. It’s a bloody tragedy ; one that showcases man’s capability for cruelty. What makes it more shocking though is not the brutality of the attacks but of the apathy of the crowd and the policemen. It’s a good thing that a video of the incident was leaked to the media ; it helps the reality sink in better than words ever could. It incited people like you to speak up and maybe, just maybe will help the fucked up bastards who committed the crime be caught and punished.

      Do not know what else to say.

      Fuck this bullshit.

      PS: I love how well you can express your emotions. Extreme emotions like anger, frustration always leave me inchorently babbling. Good job. Awesome post.

  7. right you are but this didn’t just start now. People beating and burning thieves in Karachi and no action being taken makes it kind of legal for people. This is what has been happening all along its the media that just woke up.So called badmash have always been present here beating the weak with police taking no action but this was beyond everything

    The people who did this were senseless. I could here people shouting; encouraging others to keep beating.Just pathetic.

  8. Mehreen, I can tell you what the Quaid-e-Azam would have said. When faced with the mutual genocide during the partitions of Bengal and Punjab, Jinnah said “I don’t care whether you shoot Muslims or not, it has got to be stopped”. That was the level of shock he expressed at the mass murder of non-Muslims.

    About these Sialkot killings, I will have to sadly inform you that the propensity for mob violence against a handful of targeted people, in this case poor Muneeb and Mughees, is a time honoured South Asian tradition. From the partition massacres against unarmed families of different faiths, into the Bengali Language riots of East Pakistan, various anti-Bangla and pro-Bangla riots leading upto 1971, moving onto the Urdu riots of Sindh, Karachi’s history from 1985 to 1995, the Gujarat riots, the Bari Masjid riots and what happened in Gojra last year, the habit of a hundred people ganging up on two or three random people seems to be something genetically encoded in South Asians. Working habits of blind vengeance out of a peoples genes takes a long time.

    Until then, the only current cures for these situations is a liberal spray of machine gun fire.

  9. You’re right but to be honest … this was always in our blood .. while some of us get rid of it with educating ourselves .. there are some who cannot (the rest of the 70%) … who love to spectate any given catastrophe by gathering up as a crowd. I’m sorry to say this , we are all these monsters … if we were more assertive in our punishments and if our politicians and celebrities didn’t highlight their cities this day would rarely come … equality is now a myth rather than a principle. I’m sorry but we are educated and thats why we are not completely like them , yet we also show signs of inhumanity once in a blue moon.

    As for the People who did this … they cannot be hung , none of them , Thanks to our President , Death sentence no longer exists hence eliminating the fear of capital punishment. So now we can expect the criminals can expect a 25 year life sentence in a prison where they get meals twice a day while the family of the victims are robbed with their urge for revenge.

    But how long will they remain safe … they will leave this world without punishment.
    In ALLAH ALMIGHTY’S court they will see justice.


  10. I’m done with this country. I will never be ‘proud to be a Pakistani’. In the backdrop of events like the Sialkot killings, those t-shirts look all the more silly. My only connection with this country is my green passport, which I would happily swap for any other colour. Maybe this is a kneejerk reaction, but I don’t care. Something has broken inside me.

  11. Hi

    First of all my sympathy to the family of those who were murdered! Secondly, my condolences to all the people of Pakistan that their true nature was shown on Geo TV.

    This nation is said to be PAK, meaning “Pure”. But it is anything but….

    This is just one incident shown…. There are hundreds that go unnoticed. Shameless people…. Are we good muslims??? I don’t think so! Honestly, these murders happened in the month of Ramzan, that shows the people don’t change even they are fasting!

    FUCKED-UP-ISTAN is truly fucked up! We have always heard, when a nation becomes corrupt, God sends Gabriel to destroy them! I ask you all to look around! Yes look around and see the Flood that washed away Pakistan (FUCKED-UP-ISTAN). There was drought before, but now even when there is water everywhere you can’t drink it!

    What more wrong will this nation and its people do? When will the hearts and souls of people of this land become pure? I guess never!!!

    A nation which elects Zardari cannot be a good one! Rest assured can never be a great one!

    May your souls rest in HELL………..

  12. Hey Kasana

    I thought Sialkot is your city too!!!!! Then why blame IQBAL????????? GET SOME COURAGE AND PUT YOUR NAME INSTEAD OF IQBAL’s…………

    IQBAL WAS A BASTARD! yeah I said it! He was in co-hoots with the British! That is why he got to go in Spain and say prayers in a Mosque that was shut down! To raise his popularity amongst the Indian Muslims and make him a leader! Look at his poetry “SHIKWA”, and you will know his real deal! He provided the TWO NATION THEORY via his poetry, just like SIR SYED AHMED KHAN! LOL Look closely at the title “SIR”! Why would the BRITISH give this title to him! THIS Whole deal “PAKISTAN”, is a fucked up case of treason by Indian Muslims who’s views were aligned with the WEST to destabilise Muslim ruled nations and break them down!

    Your forefathers must have ruled that city with iron fist too!!! Must have picked up beautiful girls from the village for their pleasure! Be honest and say that this thing is not possible and could not be done by your forefathers!

    Hey all Kasana is a Sialkoti tooooooooooo.

    1. Lack of information can really make you sound stupid, AAA. I’m not from Sialkot and no one’s bashing Iqbal here. My forefathers what? Sir British treason what? Calm down for God’s sake.


        Just saying ramdom shit about Pakistan at random people to get there reactions! Trying to gauge their views! I don’t know you LOL just said a random thing!

      2. ANGRY because can’t do anything about that thing.

        Just bashing random people! Saying random shit about Pakistan! I just want to see reactions of these people and what hopes they have for Pakistan!

  13. Hey AAA, while you write your bullshit from London, or whichever crazed-Muslim coddling location you’re writing from, please continue to suck your mother’s ass. “A nation which elects Zardari cannot be a good one”, what, are you pretending to be some holier-than-thou evangelical Muslim and then mixing politics with religion as you continue to write this from some non-Muslim dominated location? You suck jackass, and you can take your fucking superiority complex and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

    1. LOL. Pakistani nation NEVER gets to select anyone for their president. The whole election thing is always a play pretend game. Zardari wanted to become a president and when the time was right he showed up and lo and behold! There came Mr. President. And OH! what do I say about the Pakistani nation? Its hopeless. The majority is hopeless.

  14. This incident has caused lot of introspection in Pakistani society. Especially led by the comments of Chief Justice. This is necessary.
    A jarring note, that should cause people to pause and think. To look within and see what they are.
    Some people who have been fed utopic ideas about their society, who have been closing eyes to many indicators to the contrary, have now been forced to face reality. Some such people may seek solace in disowning the society or the country. But such reaction is not sustainable.

    To color a country or an entire people in a certain way is incorrect, whether it is to claim to be ‘land of pure’ or blame it as ‘land of uncivilized’.

    The discomfort that people feel, that cause some to condemn their society, some others to seek scapegoat in politicians, some others to attack the person who ventures to express disgust through a blog article, this discomfort should churn the mind conscience of society and produce the cream, like butter rises from churned curd, such cream should give a new direction to society.

    Are you upto it ? Does your discomfort, churning within you, refine you, make you a better citizen of the country ? Does the country in the future stand to have millions of such aware citizens, ‘aware’ citizens, responsible human beings ?

    If it would be so, Mughees and Muneeb did not die in vain.

    Or is it going to be over to the next ‘breaking news’ and cricket ?

    1. I collected reports from all around Sialkot! And these murders are common there! I hate violence and denounce it! But I can assure you that these things will not stop because this is the common mentality of this land!

      1. Dude! utopic ideas about their society? Read the national anthem! That’s what we are taught in school!

        Keeshwar-e-Haseen shadbad?
        Happy be the bounteous realm?
        Leads the way to progress and perfection?
        Tunshane azmealisan araze Pakistan?
        Symbol of high resolve, land of Pakistan?

        WOW the glory that we are fed in our minds!

        I wish this land could be saved!

      2. Dude! utopic ideas about their society? Read the national anthem! That’s what we are taught in school!

        Keeshwar-e-Haseen shadbad?
        Happy be the bounteous realm?
        Leads the way to progress and perfection?
        Tunshane azmealisan araze Pakistan?
        Symbol of high resolve, land of Pakistan?

        WOW the glory that we are fed in our minds!

        I wish this land could be saved! You can pray if you want to!

    1. My grandfather a loyal supporter breathed his last patriotic breath when a mob gathered around his house to burn down his house, when he and his family was in it! It was all because of sectarian violence! But this was not the Pakistan my grandfather helped to make! And all the sacrifices he laid down were washed down the drain that vary day!

      My grandfather was a loyal Jinnah follower! He met Jinnah many times!

    2. Same here bro same here! Nothing good can come out of this land! Utopia that we are promised is only a dream! The day I saw that footage I could not sleep the whole night! This shit will not stop! Its just not that a miracle will happen and people will change overnight! Its takes decade to change the mentality of the bigoted fools!

      And believe me new wave of violence is coming in the form of sectarian violence! Things are happening on the ground! I have reports that prove that things will only get worse! Since America is running away from Afghanistan, we will see more and more Talibans in our cities! All those who have dual nationality will run away!

  15. AAA u are really dumb…what have u done instead sit on ur pc and use the word Fuck…..its ez to type i know…why do you even care??? Im from sialkot so what>??? dumbass……blame the pakistan nation or blame the whole frealing humanity…thats all u can do, play the blame game….When u do something meaningfull than come here…and show some respect for the flood victims……

    btw i dont get it… why do u allow such comments to be posted

  16. and plz drop the im not a pakistani anymore act…this iznt the first time something like this happned in pakistan and this didnt just happen here its been happening all over the world be it USA or whtevr….people who will do such acts have always existed in our country ..this is the first real eye opener due to the graphical nature of the video…good to know everyones eyes are open now

  17. At TLW

    Using bad names about my mother won’t do you any good! Just shows what kinda of a person your mother raised you to be!

    Now when I said Zardari! I meant Mr. 10%. we all know what 10% means. LOL

    We are taught bullshit in schools about our country! We are brain washed in our school! The mentality instilled upon us by the corrupt leaders! Half of the leaders in Muslim League were against the creation of Pakistan! LOL now that is a figure (number) harder to swallow!

    Hmm Jinnah! Thanks for pointing out the name! I remember that guy! Yeah he was the one that one of my great grandfather invited to Muslim League! Yeah yeah! He wanted to be a like MOSES, saving the Muslims from the slave making Hindus! who would kill muslim men and take away the women! LOL WHAT A SHIT! NOW THAT IS A STORY HARDER TO SWALLOW!!! LOL More than 50 years have passed KIDS, and there has been no genocide in INDIA. Jinnah used to scare the masses from the Hindu brutality. WOW turned out to be a lie!

    I mean do we still live in the Pakistan Jinnah created! LOL My ass, look at Bangladesh! Women were raped there by the army! Hundreds of them! Our army consists of Muslims right! Now that was a genocide they never told you in school. And you are fucking telling me that I am FUCKED UP! This is not the Pakistan Jinnah created! That Pakistan is long gone!

    Was it not Jinnah who promised Sharia in SWAT? Also, was it not Jinnah who instigated the First Kashmiri Jihad by sending Pushtoons to fight in Kashmir! WOW Jinnah was a true secular, his acts that I have just told you prove his secularism! Either Jinnah was a lair when he promised Shaira in Swat or he was not a secular! Now go argue about it, and keep scratching your head!

    Here is a passage from Wikipedia, last paragraph! Go and read it. What this nation did to one of its creator!

    Here is an excerpt, try to swallow it!

    While Chaudhary Rahmat Ali was a leading figure for the conception of Pakistan, he lived most of his adult life in England. He had been voicing his dissatisfaction with the creation of Pakistan ever since his arrival in Lahore on April 6, 1948. He was unhappy over a Smaller Pakistan than the one he had conceived in his 1933 pamphlet Now Or Never.

    After the creation of Pakistan he returned back to Pakistan in April 1948, planning to stay in this country, but he was ordered by the then Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan to leave the country. His belongings were confiscated, and he left empty-handed for England in October 1948.
    He died on 3 February 1951 and was buried on 20 February at Newmarket Road Cemetery, Cambridge, UK. As there was no one to take responsibility for his burial, Emmanuel College’s Master, who had been Rahmat Ali’s Tutor, himself arranged the burial in Cambridge on 20 February 1951.


    So you see what Pakistan does to its People! Rehmat Ali gave Pakistan its name! He created Pakistan’s map! Yet he was vandalized by the BASTARD LIAQAT ALI KHAN! Throw out of the country and left alone to die in a foreign country!

    FUCKED-UP-ISTAN ZINDABAD! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    1. Forget pakistan dude im worried about u…make u look bad??? like u need anymore of that??? i can see u r the cry baby do nothing type good for u…we all know about Pakistan and its history but one things for sure we wont be as bad as the muslims in india….so shut it…i hope u know whts happening to them dere cuz u seem to know everything abt pakistan

    2. I think you should first read what the dream of Ch. Rehmat Ali was. And you need to read more before making any opinion. As Pak Studies book which we usually get to read in schools is like “jhoot ka Palanda” at the same time what you have posted is notjing less than that.

  18. nd plz which nation iznt fed idealistic bullshit about wht the land is going to be…its the same everywhre…back to reality plz AAA

  19. AAA I think you’re having a nervous break down.
    And you’re recording it on this poor girl’s blog.

    We are all sorry about what happened to your grandfather, and I’m sure you likely went through a lot of trouble trying to get some justice for him, but man, going apecrazy on this blog isn’t going to help.

    And yes, long ago we realised the stuff we were taught in our schools about the country is bullshit, many of us while we were in school. That’s why we’re on this blog.

    But I think the more serious issue here is you. You’re damaged goods. Get help.

  20. [to all the comments blamming it on Pakistan]
    I don’t see the reason behind bashing Pakistan for this terrible [excuse my light use of vocabulary here] incident, it isn’t Pakistan’s fault that those people are so hopelessly effed up, bashing and thrashing Pakistan only shows your hopeless ways of thinking.

    and we are all hopeless bunch of lying around idiots, who do nothing but record the worth-watching footage and slash throats for taking credit of being the first one to air it up. Do we even realize what the bereaved family goes through every time the barbaric footage comes flashing on our screens?

    No one stepped forward, no one raised voice, but happily watched as if some sort of entertainment was being presented, violence is a form of entertainment, isn’t it? We have got a whole crowd to prove it.
    Only if we could make an effort of putting ourselves in their shoes.

    Lets hope and pray, that’s only thing we are good at, as a nation, IF we can still consider ourselves one.

  21. I appreciate your effort. The situation in Sialkot is going to be more worse in coming days. A district with highest literacu rate in Pakistan, if events like that can happen there then think what will be going in other areas of Pakistan.

    I prepared a detailed report on drug runners in area and how they are making young boys addict of it, even mentioned some hideouts of those drug runners as well but what DPO replied was ” bajwa saab yeh aap ka kaam nahi hum sab jantey hein aap perhai sherhai kerein” So what can u expect? Even one of the people who were involved in these killings said DPO has promised that we will pose it like a police encounter afterwards. Be ready to see police authorities to be declared innocent except one or two low ranked official being used as escape goats :(

  22. Mehreen, we are too small and insignificant to make a difference in the bigger scheme of things. So try caring for people who matter to you while they are still here and just block everything else. Don’t believe me? try traveling through east and sub-saharan Africa and experience the sheer scale of death and desperation. Pakistan’s problems would appear insignificant and petty and u’d realize there is absolutely nothing you can do to have a substantive impact. so love, cherish and care for the people you do have an impact on.

    -Asim (from Uganda)

  23. LOL Do not worry about my nervous breakdown! I happens 2 or 3 times a month! As long as I live in this country and see and hear things like these I will go through it! Worry about the things that can happen in the near future!

    1. Talibanization
    2. Dictatorship
    3. Sectarian Violence
    4. Separatist Movements is Balochistan and N.W.F.P (Khaibar-Pakhtonkha)
    5. Famine due to flood!
    6. Economic Meltdown

    Well this country is not going to change! And extra judicial murders will continue to happen be it at the hands of police or the army! Today its Sialkot tomorrow it will be Sargodha! It will be a wife or a daughter killed in the name of honour. And God knows how many innocents will die. The issue is we adopted these ways from our leaders! As long as we don’t change our leaders, we wont change! And vice versa, as long as we don’t change ourselves, our leaders won’t change! Now which will come first the chicken or the egg? LOL

    Things about Pakistan and its creators, truth or lies who cares right! Lies are good as long as they paint a picture of utopia in the heads of bigoted fools and distort realities!

    May the souls of those who were murdered rest in peace, and hopefully sent to heaven!

  24. it could be your passion/frustration, but the grammar on this post is surprisingly bad.

    that said, i know this feeling only too well. oh, only too well.

    – longtime lurker.

  25. and …we are waiting for the dawn …….

    i guess …let it continue like this…. there is nothing new abt it…..we all are so brave ….believe me we can watch hundreds of more brothers killed like this,….i mean what is so strange in it :S …. this is nothing we are a courageous nation we can tolerate all this…..and we have the capacity to forget such issues after all why ALLAH presented us so called humans with the quality of forgetting things…..i m not ashamed of being Pakistani i m more happy….come terrorists hit us…do attacks on us….we are proud nation….we wont change ….we will remain dheet dumb and we will get even more dumb….dumtards we are born :(….

  26. While we are here writing comments and posts, and crying over current ondition of Pakistan, Zardari must be busy having a massage in a spa or staying in a $5,000 per night hotel, while **ing a blonde whore.

    1. Rumour has it that he’s the anonymous buyer of 1 Hyde Park, Knightsbridge which was auctioned while he was there. I know its just a rumour but with Zardari I will believe anything. Its unbelievable that we have a president who is such a blatant opportunist and is openly making hay while the sun shines on his presidency. Mark my words, he will run away from this country when the PPP’s reign comes to end (forever). He couldn’t care less about what happens in Sialkot or the England sized portion of our country that is flooded.

  27. Uh Mehreen, I think you’re blog has been invaded by somebody who’s gone off his meds. A spray of troll-be-gone might help.

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