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  1. ohh wow.
    You’ve the best of both cultures, I think I’ll read through your posts on a rainy day [or when my essay writing gets boring]

    1. Hello Mehreen,
      Hope you are doing well.
      Just loved your blog. It’s really very nice.
      Just wanted to know that do you write about education as well on your blog?
      Please let me know.
      Thanks :)

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA. You make everyone look so dumb. Except me, ofcourse =P I’m sorry everyone and Mehreen shokhi na hona but seriously, dude. Look at your comments. Just LOOK at them.


  3. What exactly did you change in it? o.o
    Oh and I’m intrigued to learn you can pick mistakes in Punjabi :D though you need to know Punjabi’s varied versions to know he ain’t wrong either :P

  4. u thought i died or something, vary nice, kabhie kuch acha bhe soch liya karo :). acha listen, i added you on msn, the new one(mehrkasana@..), add me back, secondly i dont use fb, thirdly i activated the account back just to have a look at your pictures,…kite bari ho gai ho khair talk to me, add me up, so i can talk to you!.


    1. Man. Thanks for the tag. Seriously. ^-^ I’m going to do that tag-a-blog thingie too. And your name, obviously, will show up for reasons only you and I know.

      I’m sorry if that sounds creepy.

    1. I wouldn’t be so sure, Fahad Kasana. There is Israr Ahmad Kasana on TV. And a few other political analysts as well a few other very prominent Kasanas in various fields. And, yes, there are other blogs by Kasana’s. I’m not the only one. I kinda wish I was. :]

  5. Mehreen Ali Kasana :I wouldn’t be so sure, Fahad Kasana. There is Israr Ahmad Kasana on TV. And a few other political analysts as well a few other very prominent Kasanas in various fields. And, yes, there are other blogs by Kasana’s. I’m not the only one. I kinda wish I was. :]

    u r right. kafi kasana hen lekin jis tarha apni elated fileds me expert hen aur jitna work ker chukky hen utna express nahi kiya unhon ne.
    lekin me ne koi b KASANA bloging me abhi tak nahi dekha. shaid abhi sab ko is taraf ana chahiyeee. kasana comunity ka ek prope blog hona chahiye, discussion k liye, ek doosrey ki help k liy.

  6. Moonlight sonata…you too? I love that. I think Tchaikovsky pretty awesome too. This is the first time i’m reading somebody’s blog by the way, i’m not exactly sure what I can do here other than leave a comment :p

  7. Mehreen, your laughter is so hollow that one has to dig his nails into something not to fall in, and you are so cold that you’ll freeze someone to death if he sits close to you in December.

    1. Very proudly, sir. :)

      I can see you’re attempting at designing a website for Kasana’s. I do hope it’s not embarrassing. Good luck with it, sir. (:

    1. In very simple and precise words, Kasana’s hail from the Kushan Empire. The very first empire to rule the Subcontinent. Kushan > Kasaan > Kasana. You’ll find them in majority up in the Northern Areas as well as Northern Punjab. Kashmir as well. We don’t make it sound great or gr8. It’s only a warm affiliation that’s felt when you meet your members of your own clan. That’s all.

      1. There is no scientific evidence that Kasana’s come from the Kushan tribe. This is just wishful thinking by some Indian-centric people who claim to be ‘experts’ holding PHDs (means Piled, Higher and Deeper..not really…).

        Now the serious stuff: Kasana people are Gujar (comes from the Turkic word Göçer, simply meaning nomad/nomadic person). The word was used by Turkic and Mughal peoples to describe any nomadic peoples e.g. Arab-i-Göçer (Arab Nomads), Kurd-i-Göçer (Kurdish nomads), especially Central Asian Turkmen, Muslim Bulgar and Mongol nomads (even some in the camp of Gengis Khan were called Göçer i.e. nomads / nomadic warriors) – regardless of their religion or ethnicity.

        Similarly the word was used by the mughals to describe both Hindu and Muslim nomads of similar, mixed or varied ethnic backgrounds, just based on their nomadic lifestyle.

        The word Kasana probably comes from the root word Kasan (either a place in Central Asia, named after the first Volga Bulgar converts to Islam or a profession meaning farmer).

        Thank you

      2. I am no Ph.D but a Graduate in Engineering and P.G. in Management. I would like to clarify your doubt that Gujjars are not Turks but in Central Asia are called as Turkmen ( Similar to Turks). They were first embraced Islam and many of them toady are Christians:
        Here are the points that Kushans were Gujjars and this was confirmed by none other than but the father of Archaeology of India, Pakistan and afgjanistan, Sir, General Cunninghum. Here are some more points to clear your doubt:
        1. The word Kushan made popular in history is written as “Kasanao” in all the inscription of Gujjar Kushans, the way it is spoken all over by Gujjars in their own Gojari language.
        2. The other subclan which were united to form the Yeachi Empire ( as recorded in chinese Annals) were Khotana, Vokken, Kharsalei ( Khari), Khachyan, Nagara etc. etc. I have details about ManavSinh Nagara and Vijai Singh Khotana with me. The other Gujjar gotras ( subclans ) of Vokken and Khari ( written as Kharsaleri) are mentioned clearly in Mathura inscriptions of Gujjar Kushans.
        3. The Word Gujur ( sometimes written as Gusur, which is all the same) is found many Gujjar Kusahn inscriptions. It is translated by western scholars as the “People born in high families”.
        4. Culture wise Gujjars are same today. Theu worship their ancestors as Kanishka did. Intercaste marriages are rare and marriages within the same clan is prohibited. These are only some of the customs I have mentioned here which are followed by Gujjars even today.
        5. The Emperor Kanishka attacked China on denial of hand of the daughter of Chinese Emperor to him and some some 80,000 Gujjar cavaliers were exhausted by moving in difficult terrains and as per chinese annals were easily deafeated but the Emperor of other clan of Khatana, VijaiSingh Khatana was married later to a chinese princess.
        6. Huen-tsang has written Gujjars kingdoms in India and Ku-chelo kingdoms. During Gujjars Kasanos the Gujjars were reffered as Yu-echi. That means the original word for the community was Guzur and Gurjara was used in sanskrit. In word Ku-che-lo the word Lo is added for Ra of Gurjara.
        7. The other Gujjar subclans like Khalchyan ( Khalsyan) , Chhokkar and Karhana ( Kroraina) were the rulers of places from where the historical records are found by Sir Aurel Stein in Chinese Turkestan. All these Gotras ( subclans are found all over India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan even today.
        8. The Gujjars clans Nagara which is reffered in Gujjar Kasanao inscriptions and Gwalior records of Gujjar Pratihars are found in huge bumbers in India.
        9. Gujjar Kushans had three capitals, the Peshawar, Mathura and Samarkand and used to shift according the mood of the climatic conditions. The same traditions is still followed among the Nomad Gujjar of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The most numerous sub-clans among these nomad Gujjars are “Kasano”, “Khatano” ,”Vokken”,
        and Khari all are mentioned in the inscriptions of Kushan Emperors.

        So one need not be a Ph.D. to prove the historical facts properly and an Engineering and Management qualification in enough.

    1. I’m sure they are. haha.

      But it was deleted. I might start another blog like the aforementioned. You never know. :)

  8. Will look forward to it surely :] I still vaguely remember the one you wrote about some girl “afra”. You’ve got guts lady! Keep up the awesome work that you’re doing (Y)

  9. Hey there Mehreen!
    Read your comment. :)
    I didn’t where to reply to that, so here I am. :P

    a. I am humbled. Thank YOU, so much. :)
    b. What hit you so hard? :P :\ (Hope you’re okay!)
    c. You’re cool. I like the nose picking doodle! :D


    Nicetovirtuallymeetyetanothernorthamericandesilikemyself. *sigh*


    1. Haha. You’re welcome. The words hit me hard, nothing else. Thanks for wishing me well. Glad you liked the doodle.

      Iknowhatyoumean. -double sigh-

  10. No, they make 600 perfectly.

    Not yet. I’ll start in July 2010 and give my exams in 2011. I’m turning 21 in March. What about you? :)

  11. (Was saving it for later. )

    Look now, you are very sensitive and intelligent. That’s a dangerous combination you know.
    So i feel protective at times, you know in my own brutal ways. But whenever the sensitivity and intelligence ends up as a winning combination, it’s normally called ‘a genius’.
    So long way to go. Be wise.

  12. Just saw your comment. Every little encouragement counts as far as my scattered brain is concerned. Will read your words in response and as a token of gratitude. Is that awfully sentimental, you think? That is another stereotype for artists that I don’t care for much but sometimes all of us turn into mindless lemmings and jump off cliffs right into stereotype land.

    1. Now, now. Calm down. Nothing to be ashamed of; being empathetic is a virtue if channelized properly. You don’t have to worry about my perception of you. You seem like an intelligent individual and such people have my nod-of-approval. :)

      Besides. I like your blog.

      1. You seem like an intelligent person yourself. And empathetic too. Wish I could ask around and hear stories – I like true stories and even false stories sometimes. I can just never get my fill of stories. Maybe you should have a category with all the stories people tell about you.

    1. Strange you say so, sir. I’ve written many articles about the ‘real world’. I’m sorry I’m not reporting tennis games.

  13. welcome after a break of ban …… this is sooo soo amateur step of government,…..are u aspiring for 2011 attempt….

  14. Good Initiative mehreen sister..
    We are proud of you sister that you are into such a good profession where our community girl are rarely found & you have done good work by constructing this sites where we can share our priceess views that can lead our community to new heights ….
    Its a good gesture for bringing our Gurjars into the limeight carry forward it we a are with you…..

    apka Bhai
    Ravi Kasana

  15. Jaago Gujjaro

    Really we should proud on our self that we are Gurjar because our history say that the Gurjar is only that cast who can win whole world if they are together.people say that Gurjar cast is going to be together but that day will be really dream because that day we will do the right on world.Basically we the Gurjars are the real fighters of india,we had already proved this in the battle field that when its comes to show our bravery we are better than the best.

    I am remembering one thing in Hindi:

    जब हमारा देश आजाद हो गया तो नेहरु ने आपने सलाहकार से पुछा की अब में किया करू तो उसने जवाब दियाकी यदि तुम भारत पर राज करना चाहते हो तो सबसे पहले गुर्जर समाज को ऐसा बना दो जिस तरह कि भेस जो झोड़ में मस्त होकर पड़ी रहती हँ और जब हमे जरूरत होती हँ घास या रोटी देखाकर बहार बुला लेते हँ .यदि गुर्जर आगे आ गए शिक्षा के मामले में और केवल 20% , तो तुम राज नहीं कर पाओगे भारत पर और यही हुआ जो आज तक मिलिट्री और आर्मी में हमारी कॉम के नाम पर कोई भी रेजिमेंट नहीं हँ ,अगर कोई हमारा गुर्जर भाई अप्ने प्राण निछावर करता हँ तो सिर्फ दूसरी कोम का ह़ी नाम होता हँ (जैसे की ठाकुर रेजिमेंट ,जाट रेजिमेंट,राजपूत रेजिमेंट)..क़ुरबानी करते हँ हमारे गुर्जर भाई और नाम होता हँ दूसरी जाति का…ऐसा पक्षपात हमारी कोम के साथ क्यों …? येही कारण हँ के सबकुछ करने के बाद भी हमारी कोम काफ़ी पीछे हँ…..

    इस लिए जागो गुर्जरों वक्त पुकार रहा हँ तुमको अपने को पहचानो आपने नाम के आगे के वीर को पहचानो और मेधावी बनकर इस सरकार और इस दुनिया को दिखाओ के “No Gurjar No Life ..Know Gurjar Know Life”

    यहाँ मुझे भाई जगपाल सिंह भाटी की दो पंक्क्तिया याद आ रही हँ

    छा रही हँ लालिमा ,हो रहा हँ उजाला !
    अपनी प्रतिष्ठा के पाने का गुर्जर हुआ मतवाला !!
    -जय गुर्जर –

    Ravi Kasana Gurjar
    (Btec-Mechanical & MBA- International Bussiness)
    vill & post- Jawli Ghaziabad,UP.

  16. Oath we must have to take:

    I salute to all my elders and convey my best wishes for the brightest future for all youngesters Gujjars.

    To-day,all of us must taka an oath that we will,

    1.Respect our parents,their wishes,advices and guidences,B-)

    2.Not hide our caste and will try to help the needy persons to the maximum extent,:D

    3.Organize the social functios of our community in the city where we reside or serve,:))

    4.Try to eliminate social evils such as dowry system,child- marriage and braham-bhoj etc.:-B

    5.Render best possible educations to our children specially girls,B-)

    6.Must realize that although we are richer but poorer in education in comparison to other same farming communities,=P~

    7.Not indulge ourselves in such type activties whih defame our community,:

    8.In the last,every ”Gurjar Guy ”must feel proud the we belong to a very brave,courageus and politically and historiclly rich community .All of us must serve our nation to the best of our capabilities because we all are ”Indians”

    Ravi Kasana
    (Btec-Mechanical & MBA- International Bussiness)
    vill & post Jawli Ghaziabad,UP.

  17. सफलता जिस ताले में बंद रहती हँ
    वह दो चाबियों से खुलता हँ
    एक कठिन परिश्रम से और दूसरा द्रंड संकल्प !
    कोई भी ताला यदि बिना चाबी के खोला गया तो वह आगे उपयोगी नहीं रहेगा!
    इस प्रकार यदि परिश्रम और विश्वास
    का माद्दा आपने अन्दर पैदा नहीं किया
    तो कोई भी थोपी सफलता टिक न सकेगी !

    Ravi Kasana Gurjar
    (Btec-Mechanical & MBA- International Bussiness)
    vill & post Jawli Ghaziabad,UP.

  18. Hello Mehreen, I am very impressed by your blog. You have inspired to stop being lazy and maintain instead of posting articles weekly…Time for a change…Anyhow keep in touch and do give me tip on how to make blog worthwhile!

    Sher Ali

  19. Hello Mehreen, I am very impressed by your blog. You have inspired to stop being lazy and maintain instead of posting articles weekly…Time for a change…Anyhow keep in touch and do give me tip on how to make a blog worthwhile!

    Sher Ali

  20. good luck in the hostel and enjoy your life. the warden is right make sure you sure you own stock of food or run a food shop in the hostel for selling snacks for when people need food.

  21. Hi ¨C I would like to say thank you for an interesting post about a subject I have had an interest in for a while now. I have been lurking and reading the comments avidly so just wanted to express my thanks for providing me with some very good reading material. I look forward to more, and taking a more proactive part in the discussions here, whilst learning too!!

  22. How r u sister ….? Mehreen sister..its very bad that u never bothered to give reply to ur fans…
    so plz Raazi khushi ka bata ti raha karo…

    Apka Indian Brother
    Ravi kasana

  23. I don’t know what wordpress did to my last comment. I’ll quote myself this time, since I don’t like repeating myself.

    “Whoa! Awesome header!”

  24. Saw your blog post at Express Tribune. Looking forward to kill my spare time reading your blogs, good sense of humor, keep writing..


  25. I’ve randomly come across this blog and have to say “Wow!” I’m seriously impressed! And, without sounding too much of a Narcissist, I think Mehreen and I were separated at birth or lost each other at a mela in childhood :( You’re right on the mark girl- keep blogging!

  26. I just spent 25 minutes flitting through your blog. Which for a borderline ADHD sufferrer like myself is insanely long. Hilarious Hilarious (had to do that twice for effect) stuff. I didn’t realise Lahoris were allowed to have opinions on things other than food, cricket or politics.

  27. Greetings.
    I just stumbled across your blog via KarachiKhatmal. Have to say I’m so lost for words. I’ve only had a quick browse through some of your writing and it’s just wow. You’re good with words. I like your approach to things. Oh and esp the doodles are the cutest part of the blog. :D
    Keep it up!!

  28. i have a million things to do. but here i am. trying to close my jaw. which dropped open like an hour ago. when i came across ur blog. you are beyond awesome my friend. *Runs away*

  29. The rule of Gujjar Kasanas ( pronunciated as Kasano in Gojri language and in all the inscritions of the Great Kasana Gujjar rulers) was from present day India to present day Uzbekistan. Peshawar was the main capital. Mathura in India was the winter capital and Samarkand in present day Uzbekistan was the summer capital.
    The nomad Gujjars of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan even today reminds is of shifting of these capitals accordimng to the changing climate.
    There are so many Gujjar Kasanos in central Asia who does not know about their genetic brothers living in Afghanistan, India and Pakistan due to language barrier. The Football player Antonio Kasano ( also written sometimes as Cassano ) is one of them.

      1. Mehreen,
        Now would inform you something which you may not have known.
        1. Kujula Kara Kadphsasis is actually greek equivalent of Gujura Sri Vikramaditya who founded the Vikram Era which is equal to 56/57BC.
        2. His grand son Hima Kadphasis ( Vikrmaditya II) started Shaka era when Gujjar defeated last of Shaka ruler somewhere in Sind. This Era is equivalent to 78AD. Both these Emperors belonged to the Kasano sub clan of Gujjars. The Great Kanishka was the son of Vikramditya II (written in greek as Vima Kadphasis). As per the rabatak inscription,iIt was the Kanishka who started toget inscripted his records in Aryan language
        3. Torman and Mihirkul were of third Gujjar subclan than Kasana and Khatana who were rulers Ghor during Gujjar Kushan Empire. They ruled vast territories and revived the old glories of Kasanas. Their decendents left at Ghor were called as Ghor-Shah and Ghorsi subclan of Gujjars today belonged to that subclan of Gujjars. They are also called Huns, since the regions originally ruled by them were called Hun province during that period. My wife belonged the this celebrated sub clan of Gujjars.
        4. The history of silk manufacturing started in India when Vijay Singh Khatana married the chinese princess and she got some silk worm hidden in her heirs to the country of her husband.
        5. Kasanas are the decendents of Kusa, the eldest son of lord Ram and Khatanas are descendents of Laxman. Pratihars who ruled undivided India ( India, Pakistan and Part of Afghanistan) were from this celebrated branch of Gujars.
        Since last few years I am working on Gujjar history which has been stolen by others during slavery period of our country.We are also reading the false history in our text books which are mostly written by the faithful slaves of their foreign rulers during slavery period of our country.

  30. All the subclans of Gujjar were the ruling clans during the rule of Gujjar Kasanos. Some of the them are listed as follows:

    Gujjars Pratihars: The founders of Gujjar Pratihars Empire which was extended from Kabul to Karnataka in India and to Burma in the east.

    Gujjar Khatanos: The second century Emperor Vijay Singh Khatano, who married a chinese princess. She brought the silk worms to the Gujjar Kasano empitre from Chine and the silk history of India begans from that place.

    Gujjar Vokkens (or Bokken or Boken): The rulers od Wakahn valley called as Badshkhan today in central Asia.

    Gujjar Chechi: The present Chechanya was the their ruling domains on behalf of Gujjar Kasano Empeoros. Chechanya is actually Cechi-yana and in named after this celebrated subclan of Gujjars. Tashkent is also was known as Chechi-Khand where as Khand is a sankrit word means division.

    Gujjar Nagara ( also referred as Nagari or Nagar ). The rulers of Nangarhars. Nagarkot ( present day Kangra) and Nagda ( the original name of present day Udaipur) remained their stronghold during the days od Gujjars Kasano Empire and Gujjar Pratihars Empire.

    Gujjar Bhatti: Bhutan is named after them as Bhati-yana. Bhatinda fort in India was also built by Bhatti Gujjars during the the empire of Gujjar Kasano.
    Gujjar Meelus: Multan is named after this ruling clan of Gujjars as Meelu-sthan.
    Gujjars Chauhans: Prithviraj Chauhan was the last ruler of this Gujjar clan.

    Gujjar Solankis: They were rulers of Siluka region ( somewhere near Khotan , the capital of Gujjar Khatanos). Later the founded new capital at Patan in present day Gujerat of India.
    Gujjar Parmars: They were rulers of Pamer region during the empire of Gujjar Kasanos. Later Ujjain was their capital during the days of Gujjar Pratihars Emperors. The famous Raja Bhoj belong to this Gujjar clan. He should not be confused with the Great Gujjar Emperor Bhoja or Mihirbhoja the Great who belonged to another subclan of Gujjars, the Gujjar Pratihars.

    All the other subclans of Gujjars were rulers.

    The Word Gujjar is pronunciated differently in different languages and regions. The Gozar, Gojar, Al-juzr, Aljujaria, Gurjara, C-zar or Zar ( in central Asia),Guzur etc. etc are various forms of the word Gujjars. It is translated from the Kharosti inscriptions of the time of the Gujjar Kasano Emperors as the People born in high families.

  31. Can I just say what a reduction to seek out somebody who truly is aware of what theyre speaking about on the internet. You definitely know easy methods to convey an issue to gentle and make it important. Extra people need to read this and understand this facet of the story. I cant imagine youre not more fashionable because you undoubtedly have the gift.

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  33. Aw, this was a definitely nice post. In idea I would like to put in writing like this additionally – taking time and actual effort to make a really excellent article but what can I say I procrastinate alot and by no means appear to get something done.

  34. heylo! MashAllah is the first word I can say!. you’re making it big han .. very nice!. it always brings a smile!. and yes someone keeps an ‘eye’ on you mahryne ally ;).

  35. hey you have a cool blog here…and such amusing posts and doodles! i thought i was the only one who doodles…well during class that is…haha great blog again Mahreen!

  36. This place seem to be social gathering place for GUJJAR clan of subcontinent….Its really nice to see some of the clan members across the border participating here……By da way nice work Mehreen Kasana keep up da gud work.

  37. Hi and Assalam u Alaikum,
    I just saw this site while searching my Kasana Family history more in detail, and em really very very happy too see that there had been long discussions over my seeking topics already, i’ve read them all above and believe me they are awesome, love u Mehreen for this wonderful job, i really appreciate your work, well currently my family is living in Pakistan, but we came from Kashmir when the partition took place in 1947, em trying to find my family genealogy would you kindly help me with this!!!!

  38. Surfing the waves of the web I am pleasantly stranded in your interesting blog.

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    Good life and I hope to soon

  39. it was good to read your blog. I also feel i should write as there is no in my life whom i can talk about my feelings. Its so depressing being all alone even thou living my life next to the person whom i love

  40. hey Mahreen …what a fantabulous blog with doodles ….let me tell you one thing i myself draw doodles but still miles away to go…..
    great work keep it up!!!!

  41. oh damn…i missed my subscribing bonus ”brownie” just moved in Karachi from Lahore. any how Mehreen you r too much.. i really liked ur writing for Maya.
    i am a visual artist and i think you should write for art as ”art critic” i really enjoyed ur sketches but one suggestion as an artist you should use good quality paper instead of line wala copy ka page.
    in ur words ” I owe you a brownie once you’re in Karachi. Maybe”. hahahahaha

  42. Pakistan key media jahaan frustration or gusaay ko hawa day raha hay wahaan intehaa pasanddiiii ko be hawa dhay raha hay.

  43. HEy i liked ur views about Maya Khans ridiculous act…… Everybody has a private world…. plus every offensive action has a reaction… by raiding them live on tv…. She has triggered a chain of reactions against her….. Keep it up….!

  44. Mehreen,
    Read your article on the Tribune; found it to be a superb spot-on piece of writing, with absolutely nothing inappropriate in it. You’re totally right; everyone’s privacy should be respected, and regardless of whether the couple was doing any right or wrong, who are those people to act as a moral brigade? I am frankly stunned that you have had to post a clarification in response to brainless comments by ignorant people who seemingly lack thinking ability; in a way thats more depressing than the original video. Anyways, thumbs up on an excellent piece of writing; and don’t let the haters get to you.

  45. Got introduced to your blog by your article on By Maya Khan. I so agree with you. Its encouraging to see your efforts to educate the dumb mentally enslaved general public. Keep Up the good Work. Cheers..

  46. would it be fair if i called you a dusplackisdtani…. i just invented the term, i don’t know why it popped into my head after i read that you were displaced from the US to Pakistan.

    i can sense the agony :-), this is the first time i have visited your blog, but i assure you i will be back for more, you have a really amazing outlook on life, i just read your article about the Ghairat Brigade aunties, and i have to admit i truly admire your style.

    here’s to hoping you stay ” Just the Way you Are ” (Bruno mars Reference), because it’s something the whole world adores, i will be hoping to correspond with you via email sometime, i would really love to understand how your mind works. your intellect intrigues me.

  47. ok.. dont think for a second i have been stalking your comments :-) but you are totally larger than life.. i can understand why you have such an amazing following. i’ve been your blog the whole time, and your work is totally awesome…

  48. I was actually supposed to be studying when I stumbled upon your blog (thanks to the mighty google) and it’s almost fajr now so there goes my plan. Nevertheless, an interesting read. In you I see a mild reflection of my own self. But I have changed now, and I’m happy with this change. Wish you the very best in life. Your efforts and approach in trying to inject a change in our society is laudable. We need more active youth like yourself. Goodluck!

  49. asalamaliykum Girl you are amazing XDD I’m pakistani too, and i really love you’re Irony, witt and passion for social structures in Pakistan lol In an awesomely humourous way :3 Please keep doing more, and smack the chauvnist a**holes :) *boooo yeahhhh*

  50. omg…you’re ME. Scary.
    I’m a social awkward feminist who loves to write and i’m freaking OBSESSED with doodling. since i’m awesome, that would make you pretty awesome too

  51. Dear Ms. Kasana,
    I’m mildy pleased to confide in you that although I never really approved of feminism as it says it is, I share most of your frustrations. I would avoid further cliched statments. God bless you.

  52. I’m not Muslim or Pakistani. But I know someone who is hurting bad because of all of these beliefs. Men can relate to this as well, perhaps moreso Western born men. But I know a good man who is suffering in misery for a woman his family so desperately picked from Pakistan who he has nothing in common with. It’s really really sad to have seen him in so much agony and pain. His cries fall in deaf ears. He thought his parents would eventually give in – he ended up giving in. He thought the girl would get fed up and leave be issue he doesn’t love her – unfortunately they do not think the same way, she is not leaving. And he gets severely pressured, guilted and blackmailed into one thing after the other…marriage, papers, why can’t you just be happy?, affection, intimacy, a child,……it’s me we going to end. Imagine being asked daily by everyone to have sex with someone you are not attracted to. Call me crazy but I don’t think that exactly increases the sex drive. And what is this all for? Honor? Respect? Fulfilling a promise? Saving face? Citizenship? Not for him but for others. What a sacrifice. It makes me sad. I love your writing style. It captured my attention. This happens to men and women alike. I know of at least one really great Pakistani (born in America) guy who’s has been crushed. He loves his family despite the selfish demands and blackmail they put in him. He has been broken down and defeated and now has a woman living with him. She’s ‘patient’ and ‘perfect’. She’s a ‘good girl’. But he cant bring himself to want her. I pray for him everyday.

  53. Beautifully written letter, hope those it is addressed to can understand it also, Personally I am also caught in two extremes, pseudo liberals and self styled champions of Islam, that is frustrating. ”Zahid tang nazar ne mujhe kaafir jaana aur kaafir ye samajhta hai ke musalmaan hun mai”

  54. Hi Mehreen,

    This is Arushi and I am contacting you on behalf of Siyahi Literary agency from India. Would it be possible for you to send me your email id so that we can contact you regarding our books and possible reviews?

  55. Hi! I wondered to learn when one of my friend at FC asked me whether I knew namely Mehreen (something like). I reluctantly replied no, I dont know. Now after finding couple of articles, and aha, I just remembered once I read an article of you on tribune newspaper. It is really glad to know that some people from our university are making things possible. Keep it up.

  56. The first Kasana Emperor was the Great Indian hero, Kujula Kara Kadpashes, written in Greek alphabets in the inscriptions and on the coins. His actual Sanskrit name was Gurjara Shri Vikramaditya where
    Kujula stands for Gurjara, Kara stands for Shri and Kadphaisis stands Vikramaditya
    The founder of great Gurjara Empire was descendent of Raghu, elder son of lord Ram was also our National hero and the founder of Vikrama era of 57 BC, Gurjara Shri Vikramaditua. I would be furnishing the other epigraphic and literary evidences regarding this historical fact in my forthcoming research paper to be published shortly. His capital city was Valkha, the present day Balkha in North Afghanistan.
    AP Singh

    1. Mr. AP Singh
      Great work and keep up bro. I have one question about Gorsi Clan. I was student at Agriculture University Of Faisalabad Pakistan. They had Very big community of Gujjar students of all Clans. But All the gujjars had a lot of respect for Gorsi Clan. All other gujjar gotras respected and believed that gorsi were the origional royal blood and were undisputedly. believed the Awwal got gorsi( means the first gotra gorsi and then chauhan and half kasana).
      All gujars believed that there were only two and half gotras of gujjars
      1. gorsi
      2. chauhans
      and 3rd one was half kasana.
      If you have some knowledge of this, please share.
      munbir chaudhry.

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