An Open Letter to Maya Khan

It started with this video.

Dear Maya Khan,

My name is Mehreen. I like browsing through morning talk shows when I’m waiting for breakfast made by my mom who, like your colleague said in a particular clip, is like my friend and I confide in her often. Sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I do. She’s never demanded an oath of eternal confidence in her. We’re humans, and we love our private space. You might be thinking, “Why is she telling me this?” I thought I should let you know about the knitty gritty of my personal life since you do enjoy delving into deeper details. Wise people always do.

Maya? I love parks. Parks are amazing. Did you know that top ten parks in the world are located in London, Vancouver, San Francisco, Tokyo, Lisbon (don’t worry – not ‘lesbian’), Chicago and Bangkok? If you show up in Lahore in the same park that I go to, it might become the most famous park in the whole world for what happens right after we encounter each other. Parks have lots of nice, lush grass and benches. I love benches. Parks also have trees and swings and sidewalks for people to walk on, and sometimes chase people after. Parks are amazing. My dad used to take me to my favorite park when I was little, you know? Sometimes couples passed by us and my dad would bring his Sony high definition video camera out and run after them, inquiring of their marital or non-marital status based on his idea of morality. Kidding. My dad just yawned and pushed the swing higher for me.

Hey, Maya? Sorry, I know I’m rambling. Just bear with me. Come on, we’re girls, we should confide in each other. I really like someone. Most young people do. It’s natural, don’t worry. Nothing extraordinary, absurd or heinous about it. We hang out often. Since we’re on a nice, equal wavelength, we enjoy spending time in places that are simple, easy to go (unless someone decides to chase us with a cell phone camera to document our stray presence) and open-spaced because I love sitting in the sun on a winter afternoon. Do you know where we go? A local park. That’s right.

Young people fall in love all the time. Sometimes they don’t – it’s just infatuation. Sometimes they do and they’re confused as hell and they still go out to understand the significance of the other. In the process, they pick a location like normal people do where they can sit down and spend time together. I’m sure you liked someone when you were in college. No big deal. See, girls fall in love pretty much every single day of the week and so do boys. Sometimes they make the right decision, sometimes they make mistakes. It’s called being human. But trust me, they don’t need a team of middle aged women hounding them down public places to enlighten them about their decisions. And trust me, their mothers will handle whatever happens. No one asked you or anyone else to take the responsibility of scrutinizing them. See, what worries me a lot is when public figures like you with considerable influence on viewers morph into moral police. In a country like Pakistan where public vigilantism has exceeded levels of brutality, the last thing the youth needs is a team of moral watchdogs sniffing around for “impure” behavior.

If indeed your concern is sincere (which I still have qualms with – since the privacy of a person’s choice is most cogent; they’ll ask for help when they ask you) then invest in sex education or how a female can avoid getting hurt in various situations. Better yet, do a segment on respect for privacy. Now that’s a talk show I would make my entire neighborhood subscribe to. I understand that you might be fretting about the welfare of young women in this society. I do too along with thousands of other well-to-do folks. But there’s a difference between you and me: I don’t publicize their actions on a local TV channel, I don’t chastise them for going out on a date and I don’t expect people to slut-shame the girl or the boy into hiding. I let them be unless and until they ask for help or if there is eminent danger.

Hold on. I’m Muslim too. However the ethos of my faith urges that unless I am perfect in my moral conduct, I have no right whatsoever to point my finger at anyone for anything. Whatever is done is left between the individual and their conscience. Hell, no one ever told me to demand for someone’s nikah-nama when they’re sitting together. It doesn’t concern me or you or anyone else. Sometimes I am ashamed to be from the same faith when I see people like you dictating immaculate morality for others. Furthermore I am mortified as a Pakistani when I see wardens of rectitude making dangerous spectacles of common citizens simply to boost hits on their show or to become shining role models for people of equally disappointing, mediocre thinking.

If that young couple gets hurt – which happens inevitably as a result of your irresponsible moral policing – you will be held accountable for reinforcing the sick obsession our society has with prying and needling into privacy. I thought media ethics would’ve taught you and several others the art of Letting People Be. It’s not too hard, really. All you have to do is mind your own business and find other mature, commendable ways of increasing popularity for your show. Say, have you seen that reporter who raided on someone’s residence for possessing alcohol? Don’t you think it would’ve yielded a decent conversation if you, let’s say, entered Cosa Nostra or Espresso or CTC or Cinnabon, where privileged folks like you go to, and accosted an unmarried couple for sitting together in their unmarriedness? Isn’t it pathetically convenient to interrogate a harmless couple in a park? Can someone please explain why haven’t these righteous correspondents ever barged into a conspiring terrorist’s household to expose their plans? Or maybe into a conservative political figure’s cozy room when they call over hookers (I don’t even care about that, honestly) or when they approve of policies that render our lives a lot more miserable than it already is? That takes guts.

You’re smart enough to understand by now that I am legitimately aggravated and so are others. Invasive moral policing is not just hypocritical, it is harmful. A petition against your program has been initiated on and I’m signing this while making yet another sinful plan of sitting in a park with the guy I like. Is this a one-way ticket to hell and destruction? I’m sure it is. No skin off my nose.

Assuming your action was religiously motivated, I was wondering how you would react if a raging maulvi decided to hound you on his morning talk show for not covering your hair. And assuming your action wasn’t religiously motivated but only carried out as a display of social concern, I wonder how you would feel if someone verbally quartered you for making the decisions you have by telling you, you were foolish and misdirected for doing so.

Now if you don’t mind, I have plans to make. I’m spending unmarried time with the guy I like in a few days. We’re so unmarried, it’s amazing. Sometimes in our high unmarriedfulness, I hold his arm and we walk through the park past closet Maya Khans and Zaid Hamids who genuinely detest us for our open display of joy, comfort and affection. I can’t wait to have you show up and ask us for our nikah document. This is what I’ll give you as proof:

It's legit.

Stay out of my park.

Sincerely Sitting Unmarried On a Bench in a Park With a Guy,


303 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Maya Khan

      1. Dear Mehreen, i kept hearing about this maya khan “thing” that she had done, and finally saw it on youtube. My god, i am in shock. Then, somehow i came across your letter. All i can say is, fantastically said. very well worded, we need more people like you.

        This crazy woman’s behavior is absolutely nuts. She shouldnt be allowed to be a journalist, as what she did was nothing to do with journalism. Pure sleaze is what it was.

        welldone Mehreen,
        Bilal Habib

    1. Very well done Mehreen, keep up the good work we are so proud of you. You know pople with such mentality like this Maya are actually the most corrupt people, who, through such stupid things just try to hide their misdeeds. Who does not know what sort of character this Maya is! But the thing, which I still regret at she should have been beaten up by sombody, so that she could have remebered for the rest of her life. Just check out the link, and I am sure this is enough to understand what sort of character is she…!

  1. “Sometimes I am ashamed to be from the same faith when I see people like you dictating immaculate morality for others.”
    This wasn’t really necessary. She belongs to the faith, the faith doesn’t belong to her.

    1. I agree with you on the fact that faith doesn’t belong to her. I’ll get misconstrued here so hear me out: It is because of people like her, followers like me are often viewed with a skeptical lens. Hope it clears it out. Thanks for commenting!

      1. Ok so in short, U say that Maya invaded their privacy but since when is a park a private place in the 1st place?? secondly, just like u took ur time out to comment abt Maya through the internet, she also has the right to her own opinion, only in her case it was through television. Anyway, this whole matter is not abt right or wrong, it is just a matter of opinion. Thirdly, she did not just pack the cameras herself and start shooting on her own, she was with the show’s team, so y shez getting blamed for everything??? Maya Khan is just a host, who has to follow the show’s format!!! The part abt asking for a nikah nama waz maybe a little out of line, but the only reason anybody wud b affended wit that question is anyone who has sumthing to hide… For 1 min, think it in dis way, a criminal getting caught doin the crime but gets upset when being questioned!!!! hahahaha ,And if u still truly think dis situation is abt INVASION of PRIVACY then dis is Maya’s private matter to why she did dis, so PLZZZZZ DON”T INVADE HER PRIVACY!!!!!! THANXXX.


      2. so Anjaani, i got a question for you. if a park is not a private place does it give freedom to anyone to approach anyone and do anything? as far i could gather from the video, there were couples who were sitting and having good time, what was wrong in that?

      3. There seem to be a gap between the society nd roots, which seems to be getting bigger every day. Society says invasion of privacy is very important but society is forgetting our roots.
        You say nothing is wrong with the couple sitting in park having a good time but if nothing is wrong at all, den what’s the big deal abt Maya asking them a few questions!! Several ppl are getting affended like they got caught doing sumthing wrong. Dis doesnt seem to be just abt maya and the couple, it has turned into society nd roots. Her show was canceled nd ppl applaused. her fault, invasion of privacy when each person in pakistan invades eachother’s privacy every second ,n den it’s just another day. Reality is we don’t want to discuss the real issues n like always, we waste time talking abt nothing.

  2. Great article. Hope Maya Khan reads it. Although, having seen her antics I doubt she reads articles and blogs that might churn her intellectual side. I bet Ms Khan is a fan of Jerry Springer and Phil Donahue. I have a feeling that the host and her interrogation team knew what was going to happen. They knew that no one would stick around for an interview. They also knew that running after people with cameras on makes for good tv. If so many people showed up with cameras, I wouldn’t be surprised that people with ‘legitimate’ business in the area would also not try to get away.

    But coming back to your point about the host not going into a coffee shop. You are spot on. Couples in the park make an easy target. The high-scoiety couple (excuse me for the term) on the other hand would have proven to be a handful for Ms Khan and her entourage.

    Bigotry knows no bound and through your blog I would like to thank Ms Khan and her tv producers for allowing their viewers to learn that.

    1. Wait please. No bullying body types. You can call her a pathetic example of media conduct with terrible taste in clothes and eye shades but no bullying appearances. Skinny or not, she’s disappointed us all. Thanks for commenting.

      1. Good post, Mehreen. I was a little put-off by the reference to middle aged women, though, because that’s sort of the same as classifying them by body. What was striking, in fact, was that the women were clearly from different age groups. The ‘haw hai’ instinct is not just limited to middle-aged women ;-)

      2. So sorry, Afia. Totally did not mean to come across as ageist. I understand and agree withyou completely. That group had all sorts of women. Once again, sorry for the unintended ageist remark. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I was wondering about the swarm of twenty or so young/old biddies that were following her. Also, poor security guards; their job is to prevent harassment, but the cameras prolly scared them away.

  4. Sadly I don’t even believe the reason this was done was for ‘moral policing’ but just to make a show which sells. And given by the unwarranted attention this episode has raked up, it’s a bit sad they’re getting what they want (and as if PEMRA will do anything about SAMAA TV and their absurdly low standards of production and lack of ethics).

  5. Such befitting response Mehreen. Thanks for writing this fantastic piece… Media is going out of control and am sooo happy that how nicely you raised privacy rights of people. Many more thanks.

      1. I didn’t say anything disrespectful. Unless you consider wanting to make a girl fall in love with you disrespectful. Badlihaaz hon gi aap ki walida mohtarma. (Now this was a little disrespectful.)

  6. valid point raised when you mentioned about places like cosa nostra and ctc etc. Good write up as always. She needs to ponder her actions of such sort.

  7. I have an advise for Maya and Mehreen both. Next time try making a footage of Public Sex and all the weird stuff that goes on in parks due to which families find it difficult to go there, in fact its disgusting to find out moving bushes in the middle of Safari Park, Jinnah Park, in fact every other park. And Mehreen you should write an article in advance to support those public-sexists ! Can you tell me one Park in the world where this stuff is common ? How easily liberalists like you ignore realities attached with situations.

    1. And how easily conservatives like you ignore the realities of WHY people have sex in bushes Karachi? Why do Pakistanis in Britain replicate this very behaviour in English parks (yes, I’ve witnessed this myself)? Because sex and sexuality are taboo in Pakistani communities. When personal relationship decisions become a public morality issue and have to be hidden from all in the name of family honour, people have sex in bushes. You’ll have to get over it Abdul Rehman.

      How about having the moral courage to challenge the conservatives within your society who think that they have a right to determine whether unmarried individuals can have romantic or sexual relationships with others? These people FORCE individuals to meet under such circumstances. You are mistaken if you think “families” have a superior right to personal happiness and freedom.

      1. Try to walk against nature and these things are bound to happen. The Quran claims the age of marriage with a girl is when she reaches puberty.

        Nobody is restricting you form doing sex but do it in the right way.

        MISS ayesha this is for your last point. You think your parents(Families) have no right to chose whats good for you, what will bring happiness to you and your little brain makes you think that you are Einstein. They have spend ed their life’s to gain one thing called Experience. What ever they came up with must have a reason that you little brains unable to understand. Idiots like you get their ass whipped 10000 times to understand that.

  8. You know what its not just these famous media stalkers… ppl like this are all around us! I wonder why they don’t mind their own business n get their crap the hell out my sight! U just wrote the embodiment of my feelings. Thumbs up! it could not any better!

  9. Ms. Kasana, I salute thee! Media hacks like Maya Khan et al need to be told that not everyone views their disgusting shenanigans as gospel. Word!

  10. WOW !! What a response lady !

    The trolls have reached the gates of my Open Letter to Maya Khan, comrades. I am apparently a “public sex supporter” and threat to families.

    Look, I was personally offended once with my wife at a park. But, then I thought it was not the fault of those “police walas” as they have been witness to obscenity at public place which no educated and civilized society approves.

    There is a simple solution to stop the moral policing, which I might not approve as well. But, you need to stop limit-crossers if there are any limits at all.

  11. i wonder what would happen if maya comes to model town park lahore…i am worried if this continues to happen i will be gay soon lolz….please try to bust my date…i have some good stuff for you MAYA….A w***e talking about religion sounds funny

  12. So i watched the video.I am no one to impinge my beliefs on someone else; i have no right to point my finger and tell someone to live ‘morally’. Everyone’s idea of being moral is different, its subjective. This Maya Khan woman has a right to an opinion, but she has no right to invade someone’s privacy, and if she was on such a ‘moral mission’, lets take a look at her group from a Pakistani POV (I’m an American so, excuse me if i sound like i am excluding myself…i am:P ) . A woman in her group was wearing pants and a short shirt….*gasp* IN PUBLIC! Why wasn’t she chastised for not wearing something that covers her appropriately? Women running in the park? Seriously? Boobs jiggling, and hair flying around ? Woah, women CALM down!!

    These women obviously needed something to do, and you know what? I only partly agree with them- they didn’t have to chase people like lunatic aunties during a Generation Sale. I don’t want to see couples being way too close at my park either, PDA can be done privately; but do i really have a problem with them just SITTING and talking? AND how do i know they’re not just FRIENDS??This being PAKISTAN, do you KNOW how much trouble you can put a girl in? That’s helping them how?

    My personal opinion on dating is that Islamically, it is not allowed and it shouldn’t be something people indulge in. Do i have a right to inform people that it is not allowed; heck why not? If i can do it in a good way, i am allowed as much free speech as i want… i can live my life not dating and be fine… BUT then again….have i always been this ‘religious’… no. It took me time and a massive break up to reach here :P So yes, before i was of this opinion, i didn’t give a rats ass about MY life. I still don’t care what you do in yours, what she does in her life or what he does in his life… what matters is MY life.

    I do get the fathers worry about the Park though, I’ve seen situations get out of hand…i’ve seen some necking and some people getting way too cozy. That needs to be done in private in a place such as Pakistan. No, i personally do not support it, but hey, to each his own right ?

    And after my MASSIVE rant…i am off to sign that petition.

    1. Salaam Emmefemme – much respect for sharing your story/thoughts. I agree with what you’ve said; as I said in my earlier comment, not a fan of this stuff, both for practical/emotional/mental health reasons (again, have witnessed the damaging effects), as well as the religious ones, but yeah, absolutely no justification to go about running down people like this – and yes, the “kids” involved should “get a room” if they want true privacy. I am still working on the whole, worry about myself thing rather than others, even if I do care about them; after all, those in the video/those that I know, are adults and will (along with their families) have to deal with the results/consequences, not me. Just hurts to watch them go through it when, in their cases, it’s obviously heading to hurt and suffering in the long-term.

  13. I love it! Great work unmarried sinner! Don’t back down, keep your chin up, and keep writing :). This was, apart from being informative, (since i don’t watch too much tv so i had to watch the clip), very funny and entertaining.

  14. You know whats our problem, that we want to take place of Allah (may He forgives me, amin). He says, leave judgment of intentions to me and judge actions yourselves but we take it otherwise. We start trying judging people’s motives and intentions.
    What Maya did, i won’t comment about that because thats a sensitive issue though debatable. Her motives may be different then her actions but then we are no one to judge them but taking plea of her motives we can’t prove ourselves right because two wrongs never makes one right.
    You posted this because you think you are right and so is your action. Everyone thinks like this as do i. But let me ask you just one question, how many books and persons have you consulted before posting this blog? Have you taken reference from some religious scholars because its a religious matter? But then we quote them as a stigma on our liberal and progressive society for their deeds? But then, did you take any reference from Quran and Hadith yourself cause their legality can’t be doubted?
    I am not here to offend you nor will i ever post a label of being a sinful etc as thats a matter between you and Allah. I just wanted to put my own point of view cause like you i also take myself to be right unless negated by logics and referencess. And i base my vision on the fact that we all today have created our individual versions of Islam although we have a single book and a single religion because we take religion in parts (only those which we like) and not in totality. Same hold good for our social and moral values, law and ethics.

    1. Salam alaykum
      I will do my best to write in correct english.
      First miss Kasana I would like you to know that I absolutely condemn what this woman did regardless of her motives (religious, political, personal, whatever). However, I think you are being too emotional here. My purpose is not to lecture you, but to clarify some important points you seem to be missing.
      ” the ethos of my faith urges that unless I am perfect in my moral conduct, I have no right whatsoever to point my finger at anyone for anything. Whatever is done is left between the individual and their conscience.”
      This is not true. No human being is perfect, so you are basically saying that no one have the right to advise others or to criticise their actions (which is what you are doing in this letter : criticising what Maya Khan did in her show). In fact, in Islam, believers are commanded to promote virtue and good actions in their community and to prevent what is wrong and evil, of course all according to Qur’an and Sunna. By the way it’s the sixth pillar of shia Islam. Allah says in the Qur’an :
      (وَلتكُن مِنكُم أُمّة يَدعُونَ إلى الخَيرِ ويَأمُرُونَ بِالمعرُوفِ وَيَنهونَ عَنِ المنكَرِ وأُولئك هُمُ المفلحِونَ)
      which means : “Let there be people among you, who invite to the best [in religion]; and command that which is just, and forbid that which is evil; and they shall be happy.” (3:104). Also in another ayats : “Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah”(3:110) and “And the faithful men, and the faithful women are friends one to another: They command that which is just, and they forbid that which is evil; and they are constant at prayer, and pay their appointed alms; and they obey God, and his apostle: Unto these will God be Merciful; for He [is] Mighty [and] Wise.”(9:71). There are numerous hadiths about the importance of advising one’s fellow muslims.
      Now the whole concept of “people do whatever they want to and I don’t care/it’s none of my business” in a muslim majority country is against the teachings of Islam. However, it does not mean in any way that you have the right to spy on people (which is absolutely haram as stated in the noble Qur’an) nor does it mean that bringing people and television cameras in a park to harass people and to expose their sins is okay. Advising the others must be done in a civilised manner, politely and, above all, descreetly, because it is not allowed to publicise the faults of others. “Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good instruction, and argue with them in a way that is best.”(16:125) “And if you had been rude [in speech] and harsh in heart, they would have disbanded from about you. “(3:159)
      As for dating, my dear sister in Islam, let’s not fool ourselves, it’s haram. From an islamic viewpoint, love and display of affection between a man and a woman are lawful only within marriage. It’s up to you if you choose to ignore this rule, but you are acting like it’s perfectly okay to go on dates, and, in a way, you are encouraging your readers to do the same.
      Finally, please remember that sometimes, when one is not used to receive enough criticism, they start to speak with the very self-righteousness they are denouncing in others.
      With regards,
      An occasional reader of your blog

      1. AWESOME reply binte Faysal, Awesome MashAllah,leaves none to be added further :) All my friends and family members agree with what you’ve said.

  15. I am so glad I came across this article. It’s extremely appalling to see a herd of women with an unshakable God Complex running around chasing helpless couples in the name of religion, social awareness or pure fun! There is no justification for such behavior. Have already signed the petition. I sincerely thank you for this article. I hope it achieves in banning women like Maya from Television. Good luck!

  16. i think Maya khan is Doing a Grate Job look may be All of you r angry on this issue …but think if u r sister or Daughter is here instead of this girl …what will b u r response………mum dad are sending them for studies and now a days i know Religion is different thing but we are sending youth in which direction what we will do when we will have our on Daughters and son in this situation we need to think

    1. I am surprised that you read through this and still agree that Maya Khan is doing a great job. It seems that God Complex is no just limited to the women of the show.

      Instead of playing the omnipotent in your sister’s or brothers or daughter’s or son’s life… wouldn’t it be better if they look at you as a pillar of support? When the make a mistake (and we all will make mistakes – I am sure you have made your fair share) they would have someone they trust to go to and ask for help instead of feeling more lost? What would you think will work better with them, crucifixion over making a mistake, or encouragement to learn one of life’s lessons, wipe the tears, get back up again as a better and more mature person?

      There is difference between education and a piece of paper saying a person is educated – I hope you know the difference.

  17. At the end of the day it all boils down to class and resourcefulness doesnt it. Morals are only for the lower middle class couples sitting in a Park and not the ones partying in posh places. I wonder if she would even think of raiding a Fez night or a royal palm do. Great article. Though sad to see you bringing Zaid Hamid into it since he is all for dates. Remember all he loves to do is have one on one Islamic history lessons with pretty chick (sorry for the misogynist remark) sitting next to him nodding for hours n hours. :)

  18. Wow, being an outsider (Indian, but having family in Pakistan, thus my following/stalking you :-P) – I find this quite sad, to say the least. It is actually pathetic, seeing these grown individuals using their time for such activities – running down couples, really???…my thoughts on the issue as a whole:

    1. If at all, this is something that families should be, if anyone, dealing with on their own terms internally. This shouldn’t be something a TV host should be dealing with, just ugh! Even so, we know that all families/individuals have their own standard with such things. As you said, it is between the individuals and their conscious, their Creator, etc.

    2. The cronies following Maya Khan around as for them, they should be ashamed – they should be concerned about their ownselves/own children, etc.

    3. I’ll be honest (I try to be as much as possible) – I am not a fan of young ones (I consider myself an oldie now, at age 30) sneaking around, etc – I am the protective type when it comes to the women in my life, yet, I know I can only do/say a certain amount and then be at peace with that and let them do as they choose.

    Sadly, I’ve seen two friends, that I got to know closely during my recently-completed time in medical school, who are of Pakistani background by chance, engage in self-destructive, self-disrespecting behavior in regards to their personal lives. It ended very badly for one of them. Yes, it did hurt me to see it, yes I shared how I felt. Though intentions may be good (though it was clear that these couple-chasing people’s wasn’t), sometimes, you just end up pushing them further away.

    That being said, again, as far as the current situation in Pakistan is concerned, there are much more worrisome issues that are ACTUALLY harming the society, way of life, living standards, and of course, decreasing the chance of coming home from a trip out to the city, on a daily basis. Again, as you said, she could use the air-time for much more useful, beneficial activities/projects.

    People like Maya Khan, whether it be parents or other elders, should just be concerned with their own and let these kids live – after all, they will have to deal with whatever consequences follow, if any. It’s not as if couples-in-parks is causing all hell to break loose in Lahore or Karachi. :-S

    My best wishes to you and YOUR park-mate. As I’ve said elsewhere, respect and high-fives.


  19. This is called slow-n-steady “BIST” n only you cud’ve done it! Hatsoff! As to whoever this Maya auntie person thinks she is, and ppl like her and her whole posse of haw-haye-rs, seriously GET A LIFE! you are NOT helping those kids, instead u’re ruining any chances of them holding their heads up in a strictly judging society such as ours, and any chances of redemption they may have had, from being oh-so-unmarriedly-sitting-together-on-a-bench

  20. Hey Mehreen, My name is Rizwan and I have been dating too from the past 4 years. AT times in normal parks like normal people does, but fortunately or luckily no one ever visited me with a camera or a team inquiring about my marital status. If someone would have , I would have done the same thing you said.
    In a society where people get some fame through pathetic talk shows think of themselves GOD! like they are the authority? give me a break!! seriously? I had seen some other shows of Maya Khan, intruding into people’s personal life, by the consent of their parents? but i have been told a 18 year boy or girl is in their bare mind to decide about their actions? Have MAYA KHAN taken their consent? NOOO !! off course not. no one would say i am going to a disco come and chase me and make a hoho ha ha on tv..!! Well, I am with you! and I am very proud of what you had written every word of it. Thank you for this letter. I really appreciate your letter. I am publishing it on my facebook, blog and forwarding it possibly to every human i know. I wish you all the best for your future.

  21. who the heck is she to judge people? if I were there, I would knock the hell out of anyone who touches me or my friend.

  22. The video is funny tbh, a bunch of phapi kutnis on their voyage of discovery similar to the one in John Player Gulls and Guys and the only difference is that Gulls & Guys was epic and this one is pathetic.
    I am not into morning shows but every now and then I encounter some stuff on facebook and youtube.
    Couple of weeks back a similar video surfaced with a man claiming in her show that he is gifted and some miracles happened to him like the Kalma on his back and stuff like that, but all of it went away with just a slap from a policeman when he was arrested and he admitted that it was all a lie, I never saw any statement by her regarding that issue.
    I think all the morning shows phapi kutnis ought to read this specially this Maya.
    It`s about time they stop with this hypocrisy, very well written indeed.

  23. I’m not even sure if she would know the meaning of words as simple as “qualm”. But yes, “lesbian”, she’ll sure as hell identify right away.

    Good post, but doubt if she’ll actually ever read it herself and comprehend fully.

  24. You know what, she couldn’t be this stupid. She must’ve known what she was doing (wrong) and carried on anyway. Because people enjoy watching it.

  25. maya kya tum nay kabhi muhabbat nahi ki——–ya bus chheena jhapti say hi zindagi chalaiee hai——shameful program, mature bano, islam ka naam lay kar duniya ko tung na kar-and i am 63 years old woman,mind your own business,bewaqoof jaahil aurat.

  26. Two faces of same coin. Good lady dancing on live program while hounding young couples live on her show.

    If dating is a crime then dancing on live program in front of thousands of na-mehrams is a sin of higher category.

    *lets talk and think taliban*

  27. Mehreen that was one hell of a letter for this whoever she is maya khan . and thanx God we still got brains like u among women in Pakistan . Stay blessed .

  28. Dear mehreen!

    I want to Thank you for writing such article for sick people like Maya Khan. I wish to go on a date in a park and Maya Khan catch me there, I bet to give her a tight slap for doing such illiterate acts.

  29. Great post, Maya khan should read it. As the Holy Prophet S.A.W says, k “agar tu ny kisi ko tanhai ma naseehat ki, tou tu ny osay bana diya, aur agr tu ny kisi ko mehfil ma naseehat ki tou tu ny osay bigar diya”. What she does is absolutely not ethical!!.

  30. WAS that lovely or was that lovely! I think that was lovely. Keep the slaps going, Kasana. She deserves one hell of a spanking for what she did.

  31. Maya! What have you done was disgusting, and seriously i wanted to come n stop you, but saw your show at the last moment. So didnt got the chance. I dare you maya, you just can hurt poor, go n see what is going on in pvt parties, do u know 70% of our elite class youngsters take drugs. Sex become norm among them n gangbangs are fashion. Highlight them. Maya Meem Sb, that was disgusting

  32. Great read,

    This a comment from Montreal Canada, and I have to say being a Pakistani born Canadian, this doesn’t help the image of Pakistanis at all. It disgusts me that they took a group of 20+ people surrounded 2 young students and kept grilling them. It’s just utterly disgusting, and unfortunately some people will find it right to go out and grill your kids now, and of course this is no way to do it. Had she approached them by herself, have a real conversation with them then sure, she did her part and helped them out, but the way, and her mindset going in was just disgusting.

  33. Thank you for writing this from all the young people in Pakistan who hate Zia-like moral policing and want to live in peace. Signing the petition now…

  34. People like maya Khan are absolute hypocrites and you are so right by asking how would she react ‘if a raging maulvi decided to hound you on his morning talk show for not covering your hair.’ If she is doing in name of the faith, she needs to realise everyone has their own interpretations. Where she finds unmarried couple sitting together objectionable, she needs to realise that some people may find her being on tv objectionable. She has no right whatsoever to humiliate people on tv (goes to show how much she really cares).

  35. Great Letter but the thing is that why you going on the wrong side instead of taking it on the positive side for yourself nor for that media people as they have to do some drama to get the commercials etc..You are a mature person i think so as who can react like this on others then you must have your own vision and the Maya does not have any right to do any thing with the people for her morning show . this is not our culture what maya is trying to do .. but at least do not show that your are impressing other young blood to do like this . we know that this is not the good way but at least do not do in the public .this is what i mean to say . your reply to maya is great. think as a sister and also think as a brother and parents.

    no harsh feelings

    Usman Hafeez

  36. After reading this artcle by Mehreen, i can vividly explain how Maya khan will respond to it. “allah na kare agar aapki bahen ya beti kisi mard k saath kahin kisi park me pakdi jati toh aap hame yaha lecture na suna rahe hote” :D

  37. So glad I stumbled on this blog post after watching that I-don’t-have-words-to-describe video. What are these silly morning show hosts up to?! First Shaista Wahidi and now Maya Khan. Hayee.

  38. So this Maya did something crazy. But have u guys seen morning shows in general. I would not comment , rather leave it up to you to watch them and decide. I think all the morning shows need to be written how to follow code of ethics and conduct.
    Dr Mamsa

  39. Hi Mehreen…The first thing that went through my mind when i read your ‘letter’ can write !! Finally someone from the new generation who is an immaculate writer..thank the Lord ! I write freelance for Daily Times and all i want to say to you is bravo ! Here is to your way of thinking, your unmarriedness, and all you believe in. Keep believing, keep articulating and keep writing. God bless you. All the best

  40. Wow. I hadn’t seen the video until just now….beyond pathetic and aggravating.
    It scares me to think that this is what the masses believe is the right thing to do; nobody needs society as their moral police in such an intrusive manner. Leave that to the parents and the person’s own choices.

    Amazing how laughing at/intruding and accusing with NO sufficient proof is not seen as ‘unislamic’/wrong by these people that are sadly, all adults with what would assume, reasonable maturity to comprehend.

    I live in Saudi Arabia and we have the “religious police” tour malls occasionally but even they would not aim to achieve such an objective in this manner. Chasing down people, accompanied with a laughing crowd..seriously?!

    This makes me so sad.

  41. So proud of you baby! She deserves a punch right on her face with a mark on her head ”I am a sick person who can do anything to gain attention”!!! Our religion never taught us to be critical with other people’s individuality or their personal lives. Our religion taught us to see ourselves in the mirror, be righteous to ourselves and THEN tell others what’s right and what’s wrong. And just tell them, not push them! Whatever she did was illiterate and i can’t believe that ”sama” would allow this to happen!!!!!!

  42. Loved your open letter. I believe that Burqa girl needs to sue Maya Khan for physically blocking her way and handling her. Maya Khan forcefully tried to stop her and I think grabbed her arm.

    I would like to see a religious aunty treat Maya Khan the same way for not wearing a Burqa and Niqab in public just to see her reaction to it?

    This is something I really detest about our culture that people think it is their right to interfere in other people’s business and personal life. They need to learn to keep to themselves. Yes, they have a right to voice their opinion but on the right platform and in a civilized manner, not by harassing people.

  43. You are 100% right Mehreen, as there should be space when we doing certain things which needs privacy, why are there people out there like MayaKhan who does not mind their own business…Plssss respect other’s privacy it is a fundamental concept of many societies. People have a right to peaceful enjoyment, without being disturbed or harassed by others.

  44. I was disgusted to see the clips of SHO maya and her park police , felt like swearing at her but reading your article just calmed me down , this is by far a better answer to her actions compared to the one I thought . Thanks and keep it up , you got talent to write and make your point intellectually … Thank you for this.

  45. Thank you for this and I agree entirely with what you say. Our country was created by a liberal, western educated and enlightened man but it was soon hijacked by the Mullahs. Ziaul Haq, that hypocrite of hypocrites put us on a downward slide from which we have still to recover our senses. Today we have schools who segregate the boys from the girls even in Class I. But I ask; Is just writing against such people as Maya enough? Will that ever stop her or people like her from doing this again? For all we know she and her ilk might not even be aware of all this. So please lets all get together and do something concrete. The petition against her is a good step and I am signing it now. But we need to ‘do more’ than just tweeting about it.
    Once again congrats for this.

  46. Just fabulous…your letter worked as a ‘punching bag’ for me taking out all my anger as I went along your write-up. Thanks for writing

  47. I hope somebody tells her that she is not Rakhi Sawant who does pretty much similar reality shows that humiliate human emotions and ruin the image of the term “love” itself. We being muslims should understand religion first , correct ourselves and then ramble about what is right and what is wrong. Thank you Mehreen for putting up such a nice article!

  48. Good job girl….I believe media don’t have this job to uncover common people secrets………..They should divert there attention to other social issues…..I believe they should have a constructive approach then being critical to society……

  49. Well done Mehreen. You said everything comprehensively, nice response to the shameful stunt. The video is a pathetic and an irresponsible act on part of Maya and the channel.

  50. Mehreen you Rock, i think Maya should apologize. other wise we have to write a petition against her. or she is most welcome with her stupid colleagues and am ready to go and sit in the park with my girlfriend, i would love to give her my name my GF name and a lovely heavy punch right on her face.

  51. It is absurd without any word of doubt to walk-in with Camera lens into people’s face without their consent anywhere. There was nothing wrong with idea except it was materialized by those who themselves are not indifferent to those they were holding culprit.The correct thing is to enforce these laws thru proper procedures. The park authorities could ban ‘couple acting in suspicious or indecent / obscene manners’ or at least hand them over to law-enforcement.Selectively action, and that too by hypocritical beings only gives sharia a bad name and makes people turn away of true sharia laws. If the way of implementation is wrong, it should not be defended because it damages the cause.

  52. First of all profound knowledge of morality needs to be inculcated in the mind set of our Media tycoons who opt for selling air time to such hogwash programs & that too on national & international level. Just giving spicier flavor to her baloney “talk show” which falls in the category of “Trash T.V” hope she knows what this term refers to my open invitation to her is “lets meet in the park and that too AT NIGTH” so I can brief you up on the concept of “ live & Let live”.

  53. Well Maya Khan are rich people who can afford to hire a room in a 5-star hotel to perform acts which cannot be performed in the open space of an open park.However poor guys and gals from not so rich families come to these places to spend a few moments of joy and pleasure which is then capitalized upon by these charecterless anchors to raise their ratings,have fun and “expose”the “criminals”.This heinous activity happens in Pakistan and maybe in Sudan and Afghanistan.Maya Khan must be condemned for this cheap and vulgar exposition.

  54. Does she even know the meaning of word “Ethics” or she is complete retard?? Just saw her morning show vid in which she is chasing after ppl in public park, and honestly I feel sick in the guts.. who gave her rights to poke her undoubtedly ugly nose in others affairs and run like an unleashed greyhound in parks..

  55. Very dignified post. No rhetoric of Maya’s personal life etc. and able to present a wonderful case against moral vigilantism. Well done Mehreen.

    Those who call Maya names, would they accept the same behavior if she was very virtuous ??

  56. WTF with this Maya? If you are objecting against such things “You are a big loser”, Go and ask the people so called using the name of liberalism like you,no Hijab, your each body part (respect of female) is visible and Running after other to reveal their personal life *GO TO HELL MAYA* , they are at least sitting in Light much and more better than those *LIKE YOU* doing it in dark call it legal but what you do in dark we call it ZINA . I have a deep respect for these lovers, for each and every thing we are doing in this world we are accountable to Allah. Live and Let other live with Peace….And lovely artical Mahreen RESPECT

  57. F*king witch hunt! Bloody self righteous hijabi brigade. Totally flipped out.

    I live by the bloody park and no one has any right asking them if they are married.

    Senate makes a new law, ‘If you are strolling in a park, keep your marriage certificate handy’

    1. Totally disgusted by Maya Khan’s act. Wrong on every possible level, but as someone who wears the hijab myself, your comment is a little uncalled for.
      The irony is, I watched the video too and I saw a fair number of ‘non-hijabi’s’ aiding this wonderful date-hunting mission. If we can comment on anything it is on everyone that was involved. Seriously..a generalization is your way of venting?

      Hijab does NOT make anyone more pious than anyone else. I say that as someone who wears it and I believe that generalizations are what breed negativity.

      1. My apologies for the generalization Hiba. My hijabi comment was directed at the one lady saying something about moralities in a very nasal voice.
        Take back the generalization about the Hijab, but my point was directed at the gang of women and men following her like a pack of wolves hunting down young folks who were hanging out in the park.
        On a side note: I wonder what the Maulana Sahibaan have to say about the show since they are very vocal about everything from girls education to Veena Malik.

  58. Great Job Mehreen…. What the F**** This F****** Maya Khan doing… She is visiting these places with students.. and one of the person made comments sayying that First his son was asking stupid thing from him… and that man knows that this park is not good as people come here for dating, Then Why “HE TRIED TO TAKE HIS COUSIN ON DATE TO THAT PARK”. All this is bulshit. She needs to be sued.

  59. heyyy i read ur post through another website.. blog .. tribune.. something.. whatever.
    anyway it showed that the name of the author was ‘mehreen’. I wasnt completely sure till i saw my mailbox and i saw that its written by you!
    and i shouted 2 the screen : IT HAD TO BE YOUUUU !! :) you nailed it good
    you are naturally good at it.

  60. Righto! I couldn’t read the complete article due to my bad reading habits *apologies* I found it to be the right depiction of boundless infiltration of media garmented with “freedom”. I even felt embarrassment by watching that show on youtube, imagine about the targeted ones. Upholding one aspect of religious or societal matter by shattering another simultaneously is no good job. Heart of a muslim is more worthy than the Kabbah itself(Hadith), And for me it was not an issue that should have been reported by her in that way…..
    In the beginning, Perpetual scarcasm(for the good), was fantastic.

  61. If she was genuinely out there FOR ANY GOOD AT ALL, the least she would have done is to hide the faces of the poor girls that she harassed. Her stupid irresponsible behavior could very well cost these poor girls a good future, did she not think ? And the best part is she is a woman herself – o sorry, maybe she just doesn’t have the capacity.
    Wont these have been more pertinent concerns than trying to go Taliban on these harmless couples: men who go on scratching their balls in these parks around ladies and families / what about men harassing women in these parks / what about parks been taken over by hooligans instead of their rightful users: children and families
    What a waste – what a F—ing LOSER this woman is, seriously…………

  62. Love love it completely agree to it…personal happiness is the most basic human right, these media people should first look for skeletons in their own closets and then point figures…and by the way what ever happened to leading by example??? the Prophet(A.S) did it so its applicable to us all and sure Maya Khan IN UR FACE!!!

  63. I totally dis-agree. Its immoral that girls and boys stick together like this. Well done Maya Khan. You have done a great job. It may help in over coming these immoral activities in our muslim society. If someone (either who him/her-self is good or not) do some thing good, we must appreciate him/her, instead of writing a long letter(which encounters the constitution and most importantly Islamic laws and regulations).

  64. Yes…a wonderful letter and true thoughts.. it is obligatory for a a muslim to hide the faults and sins of other, and Allah will hide his sins on the day of judgement…it is not at alll appreciated in Islam to do such shameful act…. so bad..Allah hidayat de Maya ko…

  65. I had to clap to this article lol like i just could not hold back i just had to applaud here not because i am being sarcastic but for the fact that i had exactly thought the same argument against the so called savior of humans (Maya Khan) with her group of cheering middle aged clowns.

    If she has such a concern over the marital prospect of every other person then she should go over to a red light district and start asking for nikah namas since thats what her show is all about….asking for nikah namas while running around randomly.

    This really is a display of what a tv anchor is capable of if he/she has nothing to talk about.

    Great response Mehreen keep it up and about the religious prospect…. ‘Do not spy on one another’ (49:12)

  66. hey !! first em sorry i dint read al your story bt the thing is I totally agree with you , who gave her right to hunt people like that, she’s crazy; making fun of others. She has no right to disturb someones business.
    Please complain…Here’s the note I just sent PEMRA (the complaint has to be limited to 500 characters) at their feedback link
    Samaa TV is allowing highly intrusive, invasive and irresponsible behavior in the programme Subah Saverey Maya kay Sath. In the episode of Jan 17, 2012 the host went after couples in parks. This kind of programming can lead to legal action for violation of dignity of man under the Constitution.

  67. You sure made some waves with this post…. and i’m glad i found a writer worth reading after a long time. regarding the issue took alot of time reading all the comments above. just a few points that i do want to mention, 1) “Practice What You Preach” for people like Maya Khan 2) Keep in mind this is the same media that shows dating, drinking, adultery, and such other things as “norms” and often promotes it too. The same media that stood by encouraging massacres of Laal Masjid and such and later when it was over started selling the dead. Keep the ratings factor in mind 3) Extremes are never acceptable. 4) Remember.. Allah is “Sattar ul Uyoob”…… ( ;) last one was especially for my talibanese brothers and sisters )

  68. This media people in Pakistan are the biggest devil’s. Take neàgative advantage of every thing for their personal gain. Entrapment/blackmail are there basic tools. Sad indeed!!

  69. if media has given power to people like Maya Khan than there must be some responsibility at her end too. this was a complete irresponsible act of her.
    They way she has taken up the show (we all know for the sake of ratings not for the sake of “Social GOOD”) could have created harm. God forbid if anyone and i mean any one commit suicide just because this show has spotted him/her and all the viewers have seen it “live”, who the hell on this earth can be named responsible for that.

  70. I do not live in Pakistan, but my parents do. I like to run alot and in my recent visit to see my parents I would often take an afternoon run where I would see these various boys and girls (not middle class or elites though) engaging in rather lewd behavior several times. I think this is a genuine concern and even in countries like the US public show of affection is usually not allowed and you would see people asking such couples to go get a room or something. I dont really care if they do this inside their homes or any other ‘NON’ – public places. If these people are so concerned about their privacy they shouldnt be expressing their affection out in public parks where there are families and little kids.

    1. You have a valid point. However, the few couples that she harassed.. were either taking a stroll in the park or sitting tired, after taking that stroll. If she had gone up to someone ‘making out’ while in public that would of been a genuine reason to stop from obscenity. Or, if she had uncovered those couples from a moving bush. The simple fact that she was harassing them in their face, accompanied by an entourage of people, invading their privacy, is unacceptable and just plain annoying. In one of the clips, she was going through one the kids’ notebook. THAT was the ‘it’ moment for me where she crosses the line between exposure and invasion.

  71. Mehreen you just made my day.
    See u in park someday in Lahore, beating the shit out of MAYA KHAN.
    Hypocrisy should be made the National Sport of Pakistan.
    In Solidarity,

  72. Hi Mehreen
    First of all hats off for your initiative against Maya Khan’s cheap TRP stunt.
    I must appreciate the language command you have… great words with a great thought. Sadly, many others who have commented on your article have forgotten their language manners and have made “cheap comments”. I am sure that is why you have stopped commenting back.
    It is sad to see that Pakistani’s have lost their values and make comments “fcuk”… words that they will never use in front of their parents. Anyway… short and to the point, neither does Maya has a right to infringe onto anybody’s privacy as she did in the video nor does anyone have a right to abuse you, Maya or the people in the park. Please be more tolerant and open-minded.

  73. LOL!! :D First of: Awesome come back!! Eloquently put with just the right amount of seasoning with disregard-beautiful!!! Glad some lady had the sense to smack that crazy _____ and call her out on her insanity AND have the guts to admit to a park date, really went for the gold there didn’t you?! :P
    I personally have to admit, as far as Pakistan goes public places by which I mean public places such as parks etc are a horrible place for dates, just because of the inherent taboo of society and religion! And even if God forbid you’re not on one, shit turns ugly ASAP with some self righteous retard who’s always willing to ‘do what’s right’ and stop you! The journalist (with her team of cronies) is just one of these people!! I haven’t been on any dates in parks tbh, mostly because of just how inherently ‘wrong’ sth like that feels in Pakistan LOL but the invasion of privacy some one ‘crashing’ your date implies is just mind boggling!!! :D
    But to be fairly honest, being a Pakistani there’s one thing we do know, public parks are not safe: they’re not safe if you’re on a date because if Maya doesn’t get you, there’s always random passers by! If you’re a 6 Yr old on the swings, God help you in this country cuz there’s always a retard willing to pick you up! :/ and if you’re the ex-Prime Minister of ‘the land of the pure’ some jackass with a gun WILL shoot you down!! :/
    Parks are UNSAFE lady, period!! :/ and pleaaaase don’t get me started on parks at NIGHT!! :/ Point being Pakistani parks are only safe if you’re a druggie doing drugs, because that way you’re the person everyone’s AFRAID OF rather than PICKING ON! I don’t know why tho, cuz druggies are next to totally incapacitated right?
    Please lady, stay out of parks, those things are NOT safe! Forget Maya, when I bump ion that erm ‘runt’ in a park somewhere maaaaaan will she find out just how just how quickly things in life can turn around!! *insert satisfied smile here*
    and don’t worry you guys, you’ll
    Het to see what happens

    1. Get to see what happens thanks to those cameras! And I promise you one thing, I will DEF uphold the bad ass reputation that Pakistani Parks have, and my inherent Muslim/Pakistani attitude of vigilantism!!!
      Another Derranged Pakistani
      (btw is it me or that video lacked a reaaallly horny guy running after alll those women!)
      JK you guys, you know I’m just playing with you!! ;) xD
      ROFL this is probably the worst response to this wonderful article possible! Sorry abt that! :P

  74. What a disgrace this hypocrite woman has done has she seen her own character who gave her the moral superiority to question others in the park what a disgrace she is sham on her

  75. Although I detest what Maya has done, this piece is absolute shite and seems to be written with the intent to portray the writer on the right side of the moral brigade. Everyone seems to have jumped in to appease their own followers and to be a part of the trend. Weldone!

  76. Hey your pretty good at this (article)… really spoke my mind…..the show made me cringe. Someone needs to beat some sense into this woman and keep her in the kitchen lol but seriously this is disturbing cause our society needs anything but the tv channels spewing this sort of frustrated nonsense.

  77. Awesome letter to maya!! I am amazed and then women are other women worst enemy so no surprise there. :(And to see maya and bunch of ladies going hunting for other women who r out dating… Then what can one expect from talibans n other extremists.Just for ratings on tv and that her salary goes up. shame on her!! please post the link to the petition.

  78. jst luv it Mahreen coz this is our own life & this matter is between us & our parents as well so who the hell she is …anyways hatts offf dear & i jst want to add one more things that these type of things r jst the patrent & fromaula of selling shows …iam not blaming & or na hi koi ilzam but wht about maya us ka koi bf nahi tha yah koi class fellow jiss ka sath daiting nahi tu koi mutual understanding k lea MEETING ki ho unho nay park mein … anyways MISS MAYA JEE show mein or b bohat say sensitive topics hain plz disscuss them …let me help u dear talk about susidal bombing…. clubing…latenight karachi model & Channel & specailly Sama tv ppl parties so…goa a head dear & i wish jo mery mind mein hai i can write too..good luck miss maya jee ahhhh………..& Mehreen thank u so much luv u dear:) God bless u & ur frnd :)

  79. Mind blowing article, you just made my day. I was also planning the same open letter to her and Saama TV. Well, it is just a start i am damn sure other morning show hosts will also come on streets to perform the same (TRP increasing stunt). So sit tight with your guy and say him to bring a maulna and wait for Maya Khan to come and feature you and your guy and the loving maulana, who only to criticize the Maya Khan in local park for not covering head.

  80. Salaams again – Just to add another thought – as someone said in an above comment – if people want to do good, there are other ways of giving advice, etc. This whole episode reminds me of the well-known account when a man urinated in the Prophet’s mosque and those around were about to jump the man for his ill deed. The Prophet prevented them, let the man finish what he was doing and then took him aside to explain that it was not the appropriate place for such an act. The place was cleaned and because of the kind way in which the Prophet treated him/reacted, this man accepted Islam.

    As everyone has been saying, just a despicable display on Maya Khan’s part – it’s sad that this is how people use their influence via media.

    Didn’t say this in my first comment, but you’ve made a very powerful statement with this letter – and overall, want you to know that, I have respect and admiration for you and the principles you stand for and how you stand for them, as you’ve expressed on the blog, Tumblr, Twitter, even if I don’t see eye-to-eye with you on this issue.

    Once again, peace/Allah Hafiz

  81. I will add few things from strictly religious point of view;
    Let’s assume may be suppose the couples are doing something wrong; the matter is between Allah and the believer. Even Allah gives believers chances to return back to the right deeds and forget about past. If catching them on camera splitting them open and their videos lying around on YouTube will always haunt their lives or points of no return. The Prophet (PBUH) said;”Every human sins excessively and the best of sinners are the repentant ones.” (Mishkât-al Masâbîh p.204.)
    Allah accepts everyone’s repentance like you said capturing them on video then putting those up on websites of their own channel or YouTube. Ain’t these people taking away their right to return back? In my opinion and also from Islamic point of view such act like what Maya Khan did are horrible and totally inhuman NOT Islamic.
    “O you who believe! Avoid much suspicion, for some suspicions are a sin. Do not spy on one another, nor backbite one another. Would one of you love to eat the flesh of his dead brother? Nay, you would abhor it, [so similarly, avoid backbiting]. And fear Allah. Indeed, Allah is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.” Qur’an, [49:12]

    “And do not follow that of which you do not have knowledge. Indeed, the hearing, the sight and the heart – [you] will be asked about all of those.” Qur’an, [17:36]

    “He does not utter a [single] word, except that there is, with him, [an angel] ready and waiting [to record it].” Qur’an, [50:18]

    The religion is mercy and ease. If one does not find this, one is doing something wrong.

  82. GREAT WORK Mahreen!!!!

    It is just sad to see that the media which promotes enlightened modernism and talks about freedom has no respect for the public and its privacy.

    Such a cheap tactic to get higher ratings for the show!!!

  83. Much appreciated article
    i just signed the petition…
    with reason

    It is extremely immoral to needle in some ones privacy.
    First of all you should go and ask if he/she wants to talk to you.(without camera)

    If he/she does not allow you have no right to publish their video on TV for getting cheap popularity.(even if their faces are blurred)
    But infact host runs after couples and want to capture a moment of them sitting together..

    I wish she could have learned some
    ‘ethics’ in some institution instead of dating (which might be the case…) & then joined some TV

  84. awsme reply…..the biggest problem here is that ppl r not bothered whts happening in their house but the r always curious abt rumors next door….anyways a perfect slap on maya’s face…but I don’t think so she has the guts n shame to face this otherwise she should ve never appeared on the screen again….hats off n two thumbs up for mehreen!

  85. respect the views of bint e faisal n totaly agree wid her what maya khan did is extremism on one side but ur blog shows extrimism too mam… islam n unmarried relations are two different things….what maya khan did was a complete shame she had no right to do so but dating things are not part of a islamic society is a universal truth n if u puting any comments in against of this rule n law ,if u are just making fun of this to just prove maya was wrong m sadly informing u madam u ur views ur fellowers are not against maya ,me,mullah maulana ,but u are directly opposing islam ALLAH (S.A.W) and PROPHET MOHAMMAD (S.A.W.W) at the day of judgment when each n everyone have to pay for his/her deeds can u have guts to give the same ans to allah??? or u r planing to present the same ans sheet in front of allah???? nauzubillah ….( first think then speak…

  86. that woman has once again raised the bar of pathetic-ness, and I say once again because she was no Oprah even before. It’s shocking what people do for ratings, this woman cries, begs people in her shows, makes matches and does any and everything to attract audience EXCEPT putting up a good show. I don’t want to make a personal attack and stand in line with her kind, but this celebrity (so called) and many like her have no clue as to what journalistic ethics are. Damnit they’ve no idea even as to what repercussions could such acts could have.
    I wish she’s taken off screen but not without a bang. she should be made to sit in her show, and given two options, either apologize to everyone and then abandon the show forever or film the next episode in cosanostra, ctc etc and try catching people over there.

    I believe the second option would do more justice to her, if she sins the people why not let the people handle her? let her suffer the vengeance of love ;)

  87. The guy she interviewed in the park who lived near by and claimed he was walking with his cousin when they saw couples hanging around in the park. I bet had Maya Khan been there, she would have asked him and his cousin “what are you doing here, are you even married, if yes then why are you scared”
    Utter disgrace Maya Khan. First get your act together and then run behind others. the lady so called journalist can openly dance on live TV and then run for moral behaviors. Anyone who hasnt seen her dance clip may visit youtube for that n type “Maya Khan Dance”

    She and her pathetic group of intelligent aunties should zip themselves and tie emsleves in the house if they dont have anything else to do in the morning But invading others. Shameless

  88. Great aritcle Mehreen. Thanks for sharing this. I just hope that this article can bring some sense into a low life (Maya Khan’s) head.

  89. A society where humanity is born only to live miserably and to die could most probably be from a third world and be Islamic. Islamic Dictatorship of Pakistan is the prime and purest example of such a society.

  90. I saw the show and was disgusted. This group of women shamelessly lied in 50% of the program, saying they were doing research on safety in the snatching and stuff, and then shamelessly accepted that they were lying in the first place.

    The young couple were definitely victims in my eyes.

  91. It is only now that I watched this Raid Show (Morning shows are not supposed to be like that). Sadly, anchors on the TV shows seem willing to cross every limit for higher ratings. I wonder when will our society find a balance.

  92. Yeh sab tou theek hai but when is it safe to go back to the park again? Is it till still Open Season, or may I go back and eat some kinoo shinoo, sun bathe my ankles , thoda Munney ko sair karvana, Munney ke Abba ke Saath gup shup, nation building ke khayal .. For you see my mother in law is forever snooping and my nand forever wants to watch TV in our room. What is a mom to do hainjee???

  93. Yeh sab tou theek hai but when is it safe to go back to the park again? Is it till still Open Season, or may I go back and eat some kinoo shinoo, sun bathe my ankles , thoda Munney ko sair karvana, Munney ke Abba ke Saath gup shup, nation
    building ke khayal .. For you see my mother in law is forever snooping and my nand forever wants to watch TV in our room. What is a mom to do hainjee???

  94. No comments on maya coz she is useless .. For mehreen 2 thumbs up, i love to walk with my love of life my wife in the park while its raining!

  95. Hi Mehreen, loved the proof you have to show Samaa tv! If they wish to bring in Islamic values in Pakistan, there’s a better way of doing it and that is preach in madrasas…..:)

  96. i am glad some one had the courage to speak against people who think it is their birth right to guide people with their so called enlightened thoughts…… but what worries me that these days everyone seems to be carrying this moral watchdog virus. We say something about minorities rights and they will tell us we are not “TRUE MUSLIMS”. You are so right in pointing out that when someone from elite class is moving around with guys in expensive restaurants why dunt they ask them for Nikahnama. Had Aasia bibi been filthy rich she would never be accused of blasphemy. At the end of the day it is money which decides how society should classify you!

  97. Hi Mehreen

    You said Maya is smart. I once saw her in supermarket staring at an orange juice bottle because it said ‘concentrate’ :)

  98. Nice Piece, I mind saying it but I’ve no other words to describe it, “Maya Khan, You are such a low life and I m real time disgusted at that show of your Ghairat Brigade.”
    and this is coming from a guy who never had a Girlfriend as he had no GUTS and hell yea I m old fashioned too… But disrupting people’s privacy, that is unacceptable…

    Nice Piece Mehreen…

  99. Tabloid aren’t meant to reform the society instead they create environment encouraging more of “what the tabloids are looking for” to promote their business.
    If Samaa TV asserts that they are not a tabloid media they should get rid of the this fat lady and her entire entourage else it goes to prove that Sama TV itself is a Tabloid operation and all those who produce & run these sub-standard shows while people should boycott the Samaa TV altogether.

  100. Kudos Sis, You said it ! .. She has no right to do what she did, Im sure a lot and I mean a lot are with you in on this ! Cheers ..


    Stop! thinking time !!

    We are playing right into the hands of this disgusting woman.
    I’ll betcha this is EXACTLY wat she wants… 2 be noticed and talked about.
    She’s a friggin nobody. V dun hv 2 discuss her n make her sum sort of cult figure.

    OKIE here’s de rite way 4 her n all such future wannabe’s …

    1. Do Lets find out de sponsors n advertisers of this channel.
    2. Do Let’s start wid a warning to dem (the advertisers) that either this woman goes off de air widin a stipulated tyme or dere products from our lives.
    3. Do Let’s start a facebook page that these products shud be avoided at all costs as the manufacturers support (n even promote) poisonous n vile filth.
    5. Do stop watching this channel.
    4. DO NOT mention the channel or the woman’s name … that’s publicity de would sell their mothers 4.

    Please use ur heads. We need permanent solutions 4 dis country. Not Band Aid reactions.
    Dis is de first time i’ve read ur stuff n u r one heck of a writer Mehreen but pls stop wastin tyme n talent on 3rd rate nobodies. Regrds, J..

  102. Very ‘matter-of factly’ written. I am off to signing this petition. Went through a number of comments, at the end of this blog … hmmmmm. It is interesting to see how diverse people’s views are about what ‘Maya Khan’ has done.

    I liked the conversational style you wrote this article in, and kind of agree to your views. Why I’m saying ‘kind of’ because people’s comments have made me think of other plaguing issues … not that I’m condoning what Maya has done…. NEVER!!! I guess Maya needs to be reminded of her boundaries … And I DON’T think she has any knowledge of investigative journalism, and yea one thing is very very CLEAR … she ha NO WORK ETHICS!

    Keep the pen going, Mehreen.

  103. Mehreen, congratulations on once again speaking your mind.
    Coming to the bane of ‘so-called-lovers’ existence in the parks of Pakistan by a self proclaimed righteous woman called MAYA KHAN… one can’t quantify the damage she has done and will continue to inflict upon our already stifled and contrived society.

    From urging the average Pakistani woman to dance like a jawaan sheila to holding elaborate weddings, to going after husbands who cheat on their wives to being the best daughter, best wife, best sister and the best role model for Pakistani women to emulate – man, that is a tough task.

    But she does it, all so well! The ratings of the show reflect my last statement as 650 or so households via a meter for the people allow broadcast medium to decipher what the rest of the Pakistani population must enjoy watching on the telly. That unfortunately will be prove to be a long extraneous debate. I shall stop right here. Back to the women with so many holes to plug in their own lives that they decide to attack others!

    I am unable to coerce myself to curb my enthusiasm which Ms. [actually] Mrs. Khan has somehow magically enhance. I am wondering [since privacy is a concept cylons should only respect] if she held hands with her husband before marriage [forget parks – too big a celebrity] or did she engage in flirtatious ramblings on a late night call with the opposite gender back in her teens or, was she never kissed before getting her nikah done? [I don’t mean a kiss on the cheek] Was she so noble that each time, she [due to her human hormones] felt something somewhere for a man… did she chastise herself later on? or did she take a cold shower? I can go on… Also, has she changed her last name after getting married? That’s also a cultural norm just like dating isn’t?
    Ironically, with her performance on her show we can safely award the mantel piece to her to cherish for life, she’s the JERRY SPRINGER OF PAKISTAN – sadly, however JS paid everyone to come and wash their dirty linen in public either real or artificial, I hope she does too! There’s a lot at stake.
    Tip for Maya jee: Move to Saudi Arabia- your approach will perhaps be appreciated! They don’t allow women to drive there, you now. You will love it!

    Thanks to your blog, Mehreen – I was able to ramble – HS
    PS: I adore the ending…

  104. Well Done Mehreen!
    No body needs moral watch dogs.
    Go nd make vdo’s of politicians or beaurocrats we all knw wat kind of life style they hav.

  105. All rules of privacy and decency were broken when that mob of women chased that poor unsuspecting couple. Who has made any of them the morality police? And who has the right to judge anyone and what they do and with whom?
    Mehreen… perfectly articulated the setiments of all rational and normal human beings. Enjoy the park and we’re all there with you.

  106. + 1 Mehreen.

    I wish there was something like “take over Sama TV” like the “take over wall street concept” … people could gather on Maya Khan’s set and chew her out…

  107. gosh seriously yaar ….. ab main kya bolon inko …. wot right does she have to go and film people when they dun wanna be on TV …. wot bloody right …. i would’ve punched her face or broken her nose if i was there and anybody dared to film me without my permission or agar inko itni moat aaraahee hai to help the society than she should take bloody fat ass to the villages where girls r raped and thrown away in gutters …. or where a 8 year old lil girl along with her 13 year old brother is taking care of 5 adult males who r her chachas and one of them is her dad too … these men r disabled and can only talk thatz all …. this girl i am talkin about doesn’t even have clothes to wear, her mum ran off with somebody and she gives these men a bath, washes their pottyz …. thatz one of the few cases we know …. bloody bunch of losers they r …. iska miyan cheat kartay howay pakr lo, oos burkay wali ko pakr lo …. ghussa aaraha hai mujhay …. wot the f*** does she think she is yaar …. didn’t she have boy friends …. she did and we all know abt it … rating kay liye yeh sarak pay grinde bhi karnay ko tayaar hojayain gay ….

  108. This is splendid. You have raised very legitimate right of a citizen. Hats off to you! You’re indeed an inspiration!

  109. im glad u took the initiative mehreen!! ask MAYA where was her camera and her team full of those perverted watchdogss when she was learning how to dance, with a bunch of boys n girls n a male instructor in a dance class at a very well known health studio of karachi :P i was a part of that class n i hated her since then.. ITS JUST A SICK PUBLICITY STUNT !! SHE S A LOOSER!!

    1. @fariha, you are taking too far.. i dont understand since when dancing has become dissolute act? what she did in park (chasing couples) was bad and need to learn a lesson. But dacing with gym instructor or boys.. is ok in my opinon..

  110. Well said Mehreen. Unfortunately this idiot will never understand most of what you have written. Not only is her mob of bullies misguided, they are ignorant and incapable of understanding what you wrote. I am hoping they take on some of us who can respond appropriately to their kind. Would that not be a great day even though it would never find itself on air except maybe on YouTube! However, you could start getting people together to make a video of Maya Khan and see how she likes being followed around by a mob who thinks she is an idiot of the first degree!

  111. Way to go girl. Some times its nothing less than a shock to me when I look at Miss “all so smart” Maya blabbing recklessly about nearly anything she wants to, without realizing she seems so dumb doing whatever she does. They’re spoiling this already spoiled society!..

  112. (1) Rights of Parents (and Duties of children)
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  113. Brilliant! I am eternally indebted to Maya Khan though! =D If I wasn’t so pissed off at her, I wouldn’t have gone through 138 comments on Payaam Trust’s page, and I wouldn’t have found this gem of a blog! So thankyou Maya!
    And thankyou for the petition link. I just signed it! =)

  114. I wish i could see her face when she reads this. I was so annoyed when i heard what she has done and showed it on TV. Thank God there are still sane people alive in this world of ours. Nice work Mehreen. Saada Haq…

  115. Very well written and articulated, we do need people like you who can express their feelings openly without any fear. Keep it up

  116. So true…You know whats sad, there are so many issues worth looking at in the country yet people who have the power of media to influence just want to use it to imitate the western society…so for all these (well most of the talk show hosts) start emphasizing on issues that are necessary for the betterment of the country and stop paying attention to normal hormonal developments…let the nature take its course…By attacking people in public you are making them go to private places…which is worse for them…

  117. Babe you ROCK \m/ . And Yes IN YOUR FACE MAYA KHAN.. Bunch of Looser ladies who cannot teach morals at home but run around in parks and think they can do that.

  118. very well written… i have been saying for the last 8 years that media in pakistan should adopt some kind of code or ethics… but all they reply is that since media is in juvenile stages in pakistan so they can be forgiven..i say juvenile should have paternal guidance and care when treading outside… now i ask where is the so called civil-society ? why dont asma jahangir fight the case of this couple and held this maya khan responsible?

  119. The network and show’s producers should issue a public apology for this. This is no way to boost ratings; its absolutely disgusting. Who precisely is this anchor and her brigade to preach right or wrong to anyone? And what hope is there really for our nation of is so-called ‘educated’ people act so ignorant? Wish someone grills the anchor over this on air.

  120. Dear All…

    I just read the letter by Mehreen and comments followed… well i just wana make a single point. You gotta accept what is wrong (wrong in the perspective of our religion) and not merely the society. There are millions of facts (example like dowry) that go around our society which we follow and majority of us never point them out when they happen n are religiously wrong. If u’re doing something that is religiously wrong, it would be classified as a “personal act” provided that pertains only to yourself n doesn’t harm anyone else. If someone dates around then its non-other person’s business to interfere n in fact if u don’t like it, you just remove yourself from that place.

    Its a clear point made by Mehreen and righteously so that its very easy to catch easy birds. Very truly said, why dont ya ask for nikah namas from those hanging around in Rang Rovers and Civics n big cars n sitting with arms around each other in cafes with sheesha n stuff on?? why these such places are not banned when we know they provide an opportunity for all to meet people outside their families. Are they religiously serving the purpose?? so we should not analyse anything for the other person in the perspective of religion since our society is not following the true principles of Islam and keep dis fact as a “personal matter” for one. And if we come back in terms of society’s rituals then tell me Why do we find a person penalized for not wearing a helmet riding a bike n not those who drive big cars like crazies in streets around….?

    Besides all this… there are millions of other problems we are facing these days and those really hurts big time…. why don’t we try to highlight them instead of wasting time over people who are no harm to the society. And for god sake guys, accept that we are hypocrites. We allow ourselves to do all wrong deeds (secretly) for ourselves and find other person a victim if he/she commits the same.

    Before I end up… I dont know whether Mehreen would ever read dis but surely i would commend all what she has said and agree with her every word…!!

    Saad Khan

  121. Even if someone’s committing a crime, chasing them with a camera and pulling their pants live should be condemned.
    Who in world am I to demand a proof of marriage from someone?
    It’s an established Islamic view to keep someone’s sins covered as much as possible.
    If these people are so concerned they should simplify the requirements of getting married, instead of glorifying the customs which are making marriage an impossible feat with every passing day.
    But I’m very disappointed by the people that started to run from camera, at least the males could have retaliated with full force.

  122. what a pity!! people like Maya think about saudi version of Islam as the real Islam. Moral policing is don there under government protection. That bimbo needs to come out of this taliban cum Saudi policing attitude.
    I know her boyfriend and their hangout .. so if anything of that sort from Maya comes to light again … We sure are gonna have a publicity stunt when i publish all the details.
    PS: the best place to date where these psychos and freaks wont come is the Sheraton lobby .. absolutely free!!!!

  123. welcome to Pakistan…here we all have our GUN POINT of view(s)…maya’s…mehreen’s…mine…and one that is RIGHT :)

    a request to miss maya :

    a friendly reminder for respected miss mehreen :

    aaaah!….so good to see all those Real estate agents of HEAVEN around me…the license issuers of HONOR….my world is an amateur club of WHAT IS GOOD and BAD…where everyone is invited to design his/her WHAT IS GOOD & BAD book and let it publish…you will surely get some followers :)

    and yes some fingers as well…..

    sub ki bhains ki ankh …ooops…my point of view ;)

  124. How can a MUSLIM be so sure that he is rite . Five times if we all offer our prayers and read the verse ” Eh DAY NASIRATUL MUSTAQEEM ” which means “Show me the rite Path”. If one is this much sure that he is rite he must quit NAMAZ r if not he must delete this verse from his prayer because he has got the surity that he is rite. Nobody should point at other that he is wrong particularly in case of religion. Let ALLAH ALMIGHTY decide that who is going by the religion and who is off track as HE is authritative for that.
    Just an advice to the lady anchor as she involved religion in that,

  125. why do ya guys leaving an impression for Maya that she stay away from ur date?? In fact I can’t wait for an opportunity where she steps up to me n talk… then at that point, i’d teach them a lesson that they all would never forget…!!!

  126. Dear Mehreen,

    I am very much impressed by the piece of article you written to Maya khan. The way you explain to such “Weird kind of People” like Maya Khan. you did rightly so.

    everyone in this world has right to do anything within their believes and values they possessed by having different religion or even non-believers .

    My Two Thumbs Up ! Again for your this piece of letter to Maya khan..

    and please enjoy yourself with your friend or loved one like u did before..anywhere you want in the Park, Espresso, Chillies or Food Rockers.

  127. If Maya and her team were that concerned, Instead of invading people’s privacy and embarrassing  people they should present it in a more effective and less humiliating way .One thing that angered me was the point one woman raised about the park being “family based” – ermm the couples were not exactly showing any public affection? And do not ordinary people couples visit the park. Bombarding people in such a way is very ill mannered …! LIVE AND LET LIVE 

    If we see or hear about someone else committing a sin, we should always try to ignore it. Instead of spreading it, we should hide it and keep it a secret. It is reported that the Prophet :SAW: has said: Whosoever covers (the sins of) a Muslim, Allah covers (his sins) on the Day of Judgment. (reported by Bukhari-muslim). – maya preached about the religious intention and concern and she doesn’t know this much ? Lol!

  128. Married, 42, two sons, and still i would cherish a drive with a sixteen year old that is testosteone
    Teacher 42, one wife 2 kids and gets married to a sixteen year old student who takes him as a spiritual father (father) thats estrogen and progesterone
    You pretend you did not know
    your program sold a million u r million richer Maya Allah Bless you

  129. i read this article, i have to say i am impressed, you are highly opinionated in this topic, and very vocal, i can appreciate that. i only hope that nobody disturbed you in the park after that :-), ( Just Kidding ),

    ii personally don’t feel there is anything wrong with a guy and a girl hanging out, and i also agree with the fact that any Ghairat Brigade will serve to aggravate matters rather than improve them.

  130. These stupid people like to poke their nose in others personal matters. Maya Khan and her channel should keep their mouth and views shut. Im sure she must be dating someone in her age and now shes doing this just for her fame and money, stupid.

  131. As much as I agree to the article here but the fact is that shows like this have always created hype, look at Jerry’s and Mirchi I guess the one which was hosted by ZQ but the idea of those shows to entertain people by imitating after being inspired from real life events. So, all those people were paid actors or so I have heard. However, Maya’s show is a disaster and I am afraid we are just adding to it. The thing is that according to the privacy law Maya can go behind bars and the people who were scrutinized can get rich as hell by suing the channel to give them at least 10 times of their earnings for that day which the channel earned by advertising harmless citizens private matters on LIVE national television without their CONSENT.

    If we really want to give her a blow then I suggest to turn off Sama Tv, just don’t watch it. That way we can get the attention of the executives at Sama TV and get Maya the hell out!

    Its a pity, really because the media as we see now is something that we have created. We need to remember that the media doesn’t run our community its us who runs the media by watching them. Hence, if we wanted we can easily change the way our media is right now by simple not watching these moral polices and demanding what we really want. Simple.

    1. broke the TV last week, am 30,000 poorer my wife and kids hate me what can a single unit do we all need to put off or break the TV,

  132. The best part of your letter is let the indivisual deal with him &his conscious
    , you cannot givr any moral lesson to anyone by spottong them publically on media.. Beside that at the same time on other channels a successful couple from mediocre family is being interviwed for “how did they fall in love? who purposed first?andhow thedating started?”etc so plss this media associatoin can explain that how would they define wrong or right?they are really concern about religion,moral ,social ethics? Or it is just theway they want to present their show acc. To their own chosen theme of the day. A humble request to all of out there this generation is already quite confused pls do not play with us anymore

  133. Thank you very very much!!
    I saw the Maya Khan episode a while ago and was so enraged by it that I didn’t know what to do, where to go or who to talk to..see my wife is sleeping as she needs to get up early to go to work..I need to go to work too….its 5 am btw…see I’m really upset…but I needed some relief so that I can sleep easy!
    I thank you once again for this great article…. we need to make sure that this kind of thing is not repeated at all…I hope that others will follow suit and speak against this unacceptable behavior…. we’ve been married for a year and a half…and before that we used to hang out a lot talked over the phone and just had lot of fun….and yes we loved the parks too….

    just one thing….. I know some people are not too happy with Zaid Hamid…and I think he’s widely misunderstood… and I don’t agree with everything he says…but I don’t find any similarities in Maya Khan n Zaid Hamid…maybe I missed something…apart from that ..wonderful article now I can get a few hours good sleep

  134. Maya,s team has been fired as of 28th Jan , great news but the bad part is MAYA th fat cow is not fired and still be expecting her 2 million paycheck evey month.

  135. Totally supporting the anti-maya khan morning live show saga … she made a complete fool out of herself …

    PK media needs more education than freedom right now. Period.

  136. Hey Mehreen….I would like to congratulate you on a sensible piece of writing which covers the simple point ‘ live your life as best suited to yourself and do not try to make yourself look holy than thou by pointing fingers and judge others…..I am from India and living Australia and have met a few Pakistanis while in the Middle east. I noticed some Pakistanis would want to enjoy their freedom and would go to extremes. I put it down to the restrictive society they come from and hence could not handle But I am sure there are Pakistanis like you who have their values and principles in the right place and are not extremists with an agenda. Hope to see more mature and rational responses from the Genx Pakistanis so that your country has a better future.

  137. Mehreen…all i can say is well done for speaking up / standing up for your righteous cause! Maya that was way below the belt and you should be penalised for such sick immature behavior just to increase the ratings on your show. I saw your apology on y/tube but what worries me the most is that you have a smirk on your face with the most careless attitude while apologizing! You probably dont even realise what you did.
    We need more girls like Mehreen in this society who speak up for their right and atleast try to differentiate between the normal and sick people we live in. Hats off to you Mehreen!

  138. Salaam to all I live in USA and what ever goes on in the parks in pakistan it is commonly practiced every where here that includes schools also. I tell my children we are muslims and doing this is forbidden by our Lord. The main problem is that our children get so confused watching pakistani TV and what ever is going on with the young generation is pakistan then they question their elder ones regarding what is going on in the ISLAMIC country PAKISTAN.
    If you and I know that our Creator loves us 70 times more then our Mothers then we are obligated to show our love to Him not only verbally it should be shown with our actions as well.
    Just like meeting the love one in a park or elsewhere. My humble request to the writer and Maya is that please go through the Quran and learn from the examples of our beloved Rasul(saw). The only LOVE that will matter after departing from will be Allah’s and His massanger’s (saw).
    My Heart aches when i see our young generation trying to follow the western idols. Shaitan has made us look every BAD as fashion and it slowly has become a norm in our society. We all know Shaitan is the most experienced one in his field he’s been tricking since day one and he won’t stop until the end of the world. He tricked our father Adam(A) and got him out of jannah, we were the dwellers of jannah and he got us out of there. How would we feel if someone does that to our parents in this world, will we still talk, walk or listen to them?. No we will not want to see them again and would always keep that in our hearts, so how come we let shaitan rule over us after what he did. we should we take revenge and stop following our old time enemy blindly. We need to be more alert and recognize our enemy and get ready to deal with him which is not an easy task but with the help of our Lord we can DO IT. Just remember this life is a test for every sole in the world no matter young OR old, we are in this world just to perform our duty assigned by Our Lord and then say good bye to this temporary world and enter the Eternal world with Allah(swt) mercy. I ask all the readers to make special Duaa’ for the our Young generation and Pakistan.

  139. An outstanding piece of writing. I think this is the way to deal with such brain dead people pretending to be responsible journalists but are just hacks with a self-righteous agenda. Mock them mercilessly with playful wit and the power of words. You, Mehreen, do so with aplomb.

    I now live in Paris and I have to ‘defend’ my country that I love in that it’s not completely fucked up. But there is some sanity and sense in modern Pakistan as it gets to grips with many self-inflicted problems of religious extremism, a broken political system, and the need for an alleviation of poverty, mass (liberal) education and greater women’s roles in society.

    Bloggers like you restore my faith that there are those of brave heart and courage to fight back with real principles and values and to do so with style.

    As someone who worked for the UN and EU for a number of years in developing countries (Afghanistan and Iraq, South Africa, Rwanda, Sudan and Somalia), I know real change is always grass roots. In the battle for hearts and minds, it always begins with a community of like minded individuals to speak truth to power. Not by irrational force of arms but by rational words.

    Words that bring people together. Words that bring hope. Words that bring change.

    I sincerely believe in the power of social media. In the right hands and with the right words, it can help nurture a culture of change. Your courageous words shape such a change, Mehreen.

  140. Normally we watch Samaa before going to bed and on that particular day during the show I had to take time to email Maya Khan my thoughts. Here it is in its entirety:

    To: “Maya Khan Rind”
    Cc: “Fahd Haroon”
    Subject: saweray ka chaapa
    Date: Tue, Jan 17, 2012 10:53

    My dear Maya Khan,

    My wife and I watch your show every night with interest and appreciation that someone is individually exposing illegal, immoral and illicit activities in Pakistan. I believe that individual spark is vital in any time – past or present, and will continue to ignite the fuel of humanistic part of our lives. What used to be phrase “Pen is mightier than sword” is now the thing of the past and replaced by “Media is stronger than ….”. Hope you will keep it up.

    However, I was saddened to see today’s show in which you and the bus-load of people were targeting couples in their private moments of enjoying each others company. First off you will agree that none of them were doing anything illegal or immoral. So I don’t understand your reason of witch-hunt. And frankly to me it seemed like a bunch of people bullying peaceful folks. And bullying is a no-no in any society or religion. Please reconsider the outcome before you venture.

    With regards,

  141. What Maya Khan did wasn’t wrong. Her way of doing it was wrong. She could have made a special program on this topic instead of hunting people down.
    And no, this isn’t someone’s “private matter” considering that you are openly dating in a public park. Whatever happens inside your house is no one’s business, but if you see someone committing a sin (yes, dating a namahram is a sin, no matter what anyone says to defend it) openly, then being a Muslim, you HAVE to stop it. Amar bil maroof, na’he anil munkir anyone?
    You have to stop people from committing a sin, at least publicly, by force, if you can’t then try to stop it verbally, if you don’t have courage to do that either, at least CONSIDER it wrong, which is the least you have to do to protect your emaan.
    Anyone who thinks it is the couple’s own private business is mistaken, they decided to make it public.

    1. Eneez you like so many other Muslims confuse practising religion by preaching.If you accept Allah as the all powerful and judge then are you not trying to take the wrong path yourself.

      Show compassion and understanding for others as you I bet would have wanted the same from others and stop being a poor fellow human being.

      1. Religion IS meant to be preached too. No, I have no authority over anyone’s life, and I am no one to judge anyone. But at least I have right to tell people when they are wrong islamically (yeah go ahead and consider me a morale police). If you remain silent and chose to ignore the sin being committed openly in front of you, you will be held accountable too.
        These couples can go to their homes and do whatever they want, no one but they themselves will be held responsible in front of Allah. But if they chose to make a public place filthy with their immoral presence, anyone who sees them has a moral duty to stop them. And I’d say it again, DO NOT consider open dating as a harmless activity, it is a SIN, and a HUGE one too.

      2. Enees I respect the sentiment that according to your religion you feel the need to preach and spread the good word around. But it should end there. What I do not understand and guarantee the Prophet himself would not have allowed anyone to take law into one’s hands and try to become an interference in others lives.
        What we saw was a bunch of ladies(of all ages) who were out for some personal gratification of coming on TV while trying to prove they are holy than thou and I bet many of them would have a lot of skeletons in their closet. I even noticed that gentleman who also contributed his two bit was on the phone most probably telling his friends that he was on TV.
        Lets face it majority of people who practice religion are the biggest offenders of the word of God…..all one needs to do is introspective and there will be the answer.
        To quote from the bible – How can you say to your brother(also sister), ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye?

    2. Eneez!
      Unfortunately its people like you who, without understanding the holy Quran , becomes morale police and even endorse the Taliban like act thinking it to be a divine order . I will advise u to read the Quran with an open mind and u will find out.

      1. I have read Quran with a VERY open mind, and let me make it clear, I am no burqa clad woman from a conservative family (in case you assumed that). I am an engineer who has been raised in a very broad minded and accepting set up. You can NOT let a gunah take place right in front of you, considering that Allah will take care of it. Yes, Allah will, eventually, but YOU will also be held accountable if you see something wrong being done in front of you and you had authority/power to stop it, but you chose to turn a blind eye towards it considering it someone’s personal matter. It isn’t a personal matter when it involves public dating. Or anything that is publicly being done wrong. If Maya khan had done that with intentions other than this cheap publicity stunt, and had met with these couples off air, trying to make them understand that what they are doing is wrong, at least I’d have completely supported her.

  142. Mehreen ji, SaIam. I was not aware of this video but today I saw some of it and found it disgusting. Read the letter first infact and found your arguments sound and style wonderful. specially what one commenter wrote,” A graceful taunt is worth a thousand insults. even You Insulted Maya Khan so well…”
    Personally I do not approve dating in public or private but Maya’s and the pack of good for nothings’ witch hunt was pure criminal and ugly. I am sure you are not serious when you say YOU are waiting with a guy in a park………I get your point though and hope that Maya will come across your letter and would not know where to hide her face.
    I am 65 yr old now and know the meaning of satarposhi.

    1. no sir, she is dead serious about dating a guy while expecting Maya and co. if shez not then at least I AM and i know there are many others.

      And dating in public is not a crime, obscenity is. and sitting with someone of opposite sex in a public place is not obscenity/holding hands of a lover is not obscenity.

      if you have read that “dating” is crime in some book, please take responsibility to correct it/change it because the time has changed since that book was written, because your children are going to read the same book. And, remember change is the only thing that’s consent. if they read the same old/unchanged book they will have same mediocre mentality and they will think that what everyone else around them is doing is wrong, it’s not what they were tought and they will become an outcast. then they will have fear or losing their culture their religion, this feeling of fear is bad. and you already know rest of the story.. what already been happening.. one man killing another.

  143. Well well well. Mehreem, I just loved the way you expressed yourself. I really enjyed it and agreed on many occasions.
    Just i came across the dance video.I think no matter what, She has got talent. lol! Too bad she shud have been in the dance competition on ARY tv channel.

  144. a disgusting way to behave indeed,she has no freaking right to interfere just on the basis of religion,who does she think she is…..i was appalled after watching the video….i think she has never fallen in love….she should go drown herself in a river

    and by the way,i really loved every article you’ve written in this blog.Truly awesome!

  145. I didn’t know about this matter until today.
    I live in that part of Pakistan where in peak days electricity goes away for days that’s why during my bread earning quest I couldn’t come across this great issue of love & “Chcha Kaido”.
    A few days ago, when Dr. Shahid joined ARY, then I read somewhere that the writer didn’t expected Dr Shahid to join that network because Maya Khan was there.
    Today I Googleed & reached your letter.
    This lover’s rights debate is centuries old, that’s why it has many complicated issues but brevity is the soul of wit so am I right to conclude that All who wanted lovers to enjoy free atmosphere actually believe in the following:
    1. Everything is fair in love & war.
    2. Love at first sight is foundation stone of society.
    3. Whoever says beauty isn’t skin deep, they are enemy of Love.
    4. E=mc square doesn’t apply to human acts.
    5. The way western parents get free from their parental duties as child attains the age of 18 years, Pakistani parents should not get that full right.

  146. whoah this weblog is excellent i like studying your posts.

    Keep up the good work! You know, lots of people are searching round for this information, you can aid
    them greatly.

  147. I read this open letter just npw. It is a great rite up. Excellent thoughts, ver well said and ritten. You have done a good Job. I really appreciate your courage.

    This woman talk show host went over board and exceeded all moral and ethical conduct. Unfortunately I saw that show and cringed all they watching it. If I were with a girl sitting in that Park where these women reporters were running around chasing innocent girls sitting in the open on the bench If she had asked me such questions , I would have slapped her silly face..,
    They were not involved in any immoral act or displaying any dirty behavior in a public place.

    They were questioned brutally as if they had committed a sin by just sitting there. Maya Khan her team had no right to axt as Media Police. She ent out of line. Thank God Sama T.V Channel did the right thing to axe her.

    She was just trying to boost the rating of her filthy program. I do not kno what her qualifications are as far as academic strength is concerned. She acted as a dare devil. I hope she has learned some lessons from this episode. May be she will reform and ask for the forgiveness. By policing those people and showing them in false light on the T.V, she has committed defamation of character, and is liable for the defamation. She should have been sued for damages.

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